Investing in cat trees is a great way to keep your cats entertained in your home. To keep themselves active, your cats will like playing and climbing up high. Cat trees keep your cats confined to one location rather than allowing them to roam freely throughout the house.

Cat trees come in a wide variety of styles. Your cats can relax and play in single-level and multi-level trees. Cat trees also come with entertaining features that keep your cats entertained while they play. There is a cat tree for any characteristic you choose.

Here are some most affordable Cat Tree Cheap that you can go for purchase. But to decide which one to buy, let’s quickly go through all 10 types of cat trees:

1. Single Level Cat Tree

If you have a cat who prefers to hide beneath the bed, a single-level cat tree is a good option. Cats that are heavier or older can easily jump onto the cat tree for a nap. A single-level cat tree can also provide reassurance to your frightened cat.

Most single-level cat trees have easy-to-reach hanging toys and scratching posts. Despite the material and stylistic variances, this cat tree provides the necessary comfort for your cat. If this is your first time introducing a cat tree to your cat, you can purchase just one.

2. Two Level Cat Tree

You might begin with two-level cat trees if you want your cat to become more adventurous. Even with two levels, cats can stretch and transfer to the next level because the distance between them is sufficient.

Two-level cat trees are particularly beneficial if you have two cats at home. On the cat tree, each cat can have its own resting spot. Examine your cats’ behaviour to see whether one cat tree is sufficient. One cat may prefer more solitude or a larger sleeping area.

3. Three Level Cat Tree

A three-level cat tree is ideal for young and athletic cats. To keep themselves busy, cats can go to higher levels. Aside from providing a new challenge for your cat, some three-level cat trees have perches for them to slumber.

Some companies include different toys and scratching posts with higher levels. Ramps and condominiums are also available to meet the demands of your cat.

4. Multi Level Cat Tree

Consider multi-level cat trees if you have a lot of cats and a lot of room. The taller the cat tree is, the more your cats will feel like they’re in their natural environment. Cats become more challenged as they progress through the levels.

On the cat tree, you may provide your cats more options for where they can play and rest. Multi-level cat trees come with more perches, condos, ladders, ropes, and toys. However, you will spend more if you add on the other features. A careful assessment of the location where the cat tree will be placed is also required. Multi-level cat trees may not fit in a small space.

Cute pet on cat tree at home

5. Cat Tree with Carpet Scratcher

Scratchers make scratchers more useful on cat trees. To make your cats more comfortable, consider cat trees with carpet scratchers.

The carpet density and quality will differ amongst cat trees on the market.

As a result, you must be cautious when selecting a cat tree. High-quality carpet scratchers are likewise more expensive. Cat trees with carpet scratchers have one major disadvantage: they might be difficult to clean.

6. Cat Tree with Sisal Scratcher

Sisal is another popular material for cat tree scratchers. Sisal cloth is the ideal material for cat scratching posts, according to PurrfectPost.

Other cat trees utilise sisal rope, but cats prefer sisal fabric because it allows them to scratch healthy. For long-term use, you can rely on the resilience of sisal fabric.

7. Cat Tree with Exposed Wood

Cat trees with exposed wood have a rustic feel. You may also add to the design of your home by using wood accents. Cat trees with exposed wood are resilient, in addition to being attractive. If you have huge cats, wood creates a robust cat tree.

8. Wall-Mounted Cat Tree System

You can use a wall-mounted device to avoid the usual stationary cat tree. From the outside, this cat tree complements the decor of your home.

This type of cat tree saves space in addition to having a unique style. You only need to dedicate your wall to this cat tree system instead of vertical height and floor space.

If you have a small space, this style of cat tree is ideal.

Your cats will be able to engage in a variety of activities. While enjoying the different elements of the cat tree, your cats keep healthy and active. Cat tree systems also aid in the management of behavioural difficulties and the preservation of the feline instinct in cats.

9. Geometric Cat Tree

Geometric cat trees are available if you want to add some style to your home. Simple lines and planes can help you retain an unified modern aesthetic. The sizes and levels of the cat tree will vary based on the design.

Scratching posts and hanging toys may not be included in some designs for this type of cat tree. If your cat enjoys clawing or playing, you may want to consider a different cat tree.

10. Tree-Shaped Cat Tree

The majority of cat trees don’t resemble trees in any way. Tree-shaped cat trees are available from certain innovative cat tree manufacturers. While staying in this cat tree, your kitties will feel like they are outside. Your cat will feel safer if some leaves are placed around the cat tree.

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