Meet Mercury. He’s a two legged tabby who walks like a t-rex. RAWR! Meow! His lack of legs is a result of what is believed to be aweed whacker accident. F***ing yard work man. This is EXACTLY why I don’t participate in such activities. Fortunately, a family, who we must assume are just a bunch of angels in disguise, has welcomed Mercury into their brood. Now, before you get all bent out of shape thinking it’s cruel to keep this kitty alive and kickin’, just shhhh! There, there. Clearly Mercury’s happy, healthy, and doesn’t give two cat turds about his lack of limbs. Save your energy for a more worthwhile cause. Like, I dunno, squeeing over 2 legged kitties or global warming or something.








To see more of Mercury visit his Facebook Page.

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  1. plaguemonkey

    They should try adding a counterweight to that kitty’s tail. He may be able to move around better that way

  2. Edward