Motor Accidents are always devastating. More so if an eighteen-wheeler truck is involved in it. These humongous machines running on the roads turn deadly if they get involved in accidents. You are lucky if you or any of your family members are never involved in an eighteen-wheeler truck accident.

Baumgartner law firm is a Houston, Texas-based law firm that is an expert attorney for a fatal crash with an 18-wheeler. You never know that how complex these legal cases can become when it comes to the involvement of Eighteen-wheeler trucks. Thus, it becomes imperative that you hire the best. If you find yourself in search of an attorney, Baumgartner law firm is a no-brainer.

Things You Must Know in Order to Win the Eighteen-Wheeler Accident Case:

1- What makes trucks so dangerous- Semi-trucks can weigh up to 80,000 pounds. Their height is up to 72 feet in length, and there are approximately 8-9 feet wide and 14 feet tall. This makes these machines as giants walking on the road. An average car weighs up to 4,000 pounds. Do you get the difference?

If a collision between these two vehicles occurs, it is no brainer that a car will be smashed to smithereens. Thus, to win a case, you must be aware of why these trucks are so dangerous.

2- Are such accidents common? – you might be surprised to know that commercial vehicular accidents are very common. In the United States, roughly 500,000 such accidents occur every day. The frequency of these accidents is especially high in Texas. Knowing the frequency of such accidents is also relevant information for the case.

3- What causes the accidents? – there are multiple reasons for a semi-truck accident. Usually, it is a mixture of these reasons:

  • Distracted driving
  • Reckless driving
  • Defection in the mechanical parts
  • Overweighed truck or poorly laid cargo
  • Fatigued Driver
  • Inept Driver
  • Bad conditioned truck or inadequate maintenance

4- The required evidence that must be collected- even though you must not have thought of it, collecting the evidence is a very crucial step. These pieces of evidence may be the photographs of the scene, information from a witness, medical records, any CCTV footage, etc.

5- Who is owes the responsibility of the truck – this is a piece of very crucial information to affix the liability of the case? The potential parties at fault maybe:

  • Driver of the truck
  • Company of the truck
  • Cargo company
  • Manufacturer of the truck or of its parts.

6- How will the lawyer establish negligence- to affix the charges of negligence, the following must be proved?

  • Duty of care- that there was a duty of the Driver to drive with care and uphold laws of the road.
  • Breach of such Duty- that there was a breach of said Duty.
  • Causation- by such Breach, injuries have been caused to you.
  • Damages- that the victim requires financial compensation.


Legal cases are a very tricky and slow process. You must have a strong and experienced attorney which can bring you justice in the accident case of an eighteen-wheeler truck. However, you must always be aware of the information which is relevant to your case. This will be greatly beneficial for your case.

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