Every year, a large number of accident-related deaths occur due to accident of 18 wheelers in the US. In the last few decades, the number of 18 wheelers that have suffered fatal accidents has increased by 10 percent. If you are seriously injured by the negligence of the 18 wheeler driver, you should consider hiring a skilled attorney who can help you get qualified and medical expenses. Before going any further, here are some helpful tips:


  1. Before hiring someone, make sure he / she is skilled in this job. You cannot hire a criminal lawyer to fight a 18 wheeler accident case for you. Only a special counsel can help you achieve a successful resolution of the case.
  2. Your lawyer will first determine what caused the accident. Typically, 18 wheeler accidents are wrong brakes, overloads, or other problems related to the 18 wheeler driver, such as drunk or doped driving.
  3. One of the biggest difficulties surrounding a 18 wheeler accident is finding out who’s behind it. It is a complicated process and it takes a long time to uncover the truth. A skilled 18 wheeler accident lawyer can help his or her team investigate the entire case and make credentials to support your claim.
  4. Your insurance company may try to prove you wrong and if they can prove it successful, there is no chance of you getting medical compensation from them. Hiring a skilled lawyer can help you avoid such problems.
  5. Another important problem that often comes with 18 wheeler accidents is location. Usually these types of heavy vehicles travel long distances and it is not surprising that many states are involved in litigation. Only a skilled lawyer can easily navigate through various state-specific legal issues and find out which is the best place to file a lawsuit.
  6. Recovering from a 18 wheeler accident can seriously hurt for months or years. The work of a skilled lawyer is not limited to the courts, they will be with you during this disastrous time. They will ensure that you get the right medical treatment and benefits after you recover. The Good 18 wheeler Accident Lawyer consult with their internal physician, economist and professional rehabilitation consultant to determine the severity of your injury, assess recovery time, and calculate associate costs.


Write as much information as you can on accident spot


Errors can also occur in police reports, so the accident victim can make documentation to correct mistakes. If you can, take the following information:


  • All your injuries from a 18 wheeler accident.
  • Location where the accident occurred.
  • The name and phone number of any eyewitness.
  • Time, weather conditions and direction of other vehicles traveling at the time of the accident.
  • Details of how Accident 18 wheeler Accident happened.
  • The license plate number of all vehicles involved.
  • Any damage to vehicles caused by an accident.
  • Other drivers accept responsibility and / or say they are not injured
  • The names of all the police officers who arrived at the scene.
  • Name, address, phone number, driver license number and insurance information of other drivers involved.


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