If you’re heading to court, it’s important to come fully prepared. This means having all of your documentation in order so that the judge can see that you are a credible source and that your case is worth taking seriously. Doing preparations and consulting with a professional before filing a case ensures that you are taken seriously and will have the best chance of winning your case. It can be very easy to make simple mistakes when filing a case, which is why it’s important to know what not to do before heading out to court. To ensure that your car accident case is protected, here are some things that should never happen.

Don’t make any statements to anyone but the police

Many car accident cases are ruined because of statements that people make to the wrong person. This can lead to confusion and hurt your case, but with proper representation like Las Vegas car accident attorneys, you can understand the process completely and avoid many mistakes people usually make during this process. For one, avoid speaking about the accident with anyone who will not be appearing at court, including police officers, witnesses, friends, or family members. The only exception is if you are speaking to an attorney, who can help advise about your case.

When you talk to someone before consulting with an attorney, you may inadvertently give away information that is detrimental to your case. You may also confuse witnesses or make them change their stories. In addition, you could accidentally admit fault or incriminate yourself. It is important to speak with an attorney first so that you can understand your rights and what you should and should not say.

Leave the judging to the judge

Another big mistake people make during car accident cases is accepting money from the other party before the case has been completed. Many times this will occur after a verbal agreement has been made between the two parties. You should refuse this money since it is likely to be seen as a type of settlement by the judge.

If you do take the money, the other party may consider your acceptance of this money as an admission of guilt, which could hurt your case later on if they decide to file a countersuit.

Make sure to document everything

If you were involved in a car accident, you mustn’t move your vehicle before taking pictures and speaking with the police. If you did drive away, having photographs of the scene of the accident from when the officer arrives can be very helpful when getting compensated for damages. In addition to this, being able to accurately recall the accident from your perspective will also help with winning your case.

Again, you can avoid moving your vehicle before taking pictures only if the damage hasn’t impacted how it operates on the road. If you do need to move it before the pictures, make sure to tell the police that you had to move it for your car not to be stuck on the road. 

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Sign documents only with your attorney present

When filing a car accident case, it is important to understand that many types of documents will have to be signed. If you are not familiar with the legal system, this can be very intimidating and should be done in an environment where you feel safe.

You should never sign any documents without having your lawyer present, as there could potentially be hidden information within the document that could hurt your case. For example, there may be a clause in there that says you acknowledge fault or another responsibility on your part that will hurt your case later down the road.

Health paperwork mistakes

When you go to the doctor for treatment following a car accident, there is a whole range of paperwork and documents that need to be filled out. Doctors may send patients home with several prescriptions and forms explaining their injuries and how they can recover. It is important for patients who have been involved in an accident to carefully monitor these documents as they could contain mistakes that either under or overestimate the extent of their injuries.

Be aware of medical malpractice

If you feel as though your doctor has not diagnosed you properly, or if they have given you a document with inaccurate information on it, be sure to contact them and ask for an explanation. If the mistake is minor and does not affect how you will recover from your injuries, it may be possible for them to revise and correct the document. However, if they refuse and you feel as though it will negatively affect your case, you should contact a lawyer who can help you get more appropriate treatment so that your injuries can be better documented. 

Many things can go wrong during a car accident case. By avoiding these six mistakes, you can help to ensure that your case runs smoothly and ends with the best possible outcome for you. If you have any questions or concerns, be sure to speak with an experienced attorney who will be able to guide you through the process.

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