We are in the technology era – a time when everything changes fast, meaning we’re constantly looking for more comfortable and efficient ways to accessories. The new Micro Wallet, which has just launched on Kickstarter, is the slimmest, most comfortable wallet for those who like to carry light. It starts out just 0.03mm thicker than a credit card and it fits in every pocket!

The Micro Wallet is made out of Tyvek®, a super strong, eco-friendly material that makes it durable, expandable and water-resistant. But what makes this wallets so original are the designs created by artists from all over the world. From Spain to India, artists have collaborated with Paperwallet to bring this project to life and create beautiful, pocketable art. Some of the artists featured in this collection are Roman Klonek (Duesseldorf, Germany), Harshada Marne (Kerala, India), Anna-Lina (Barcelona, Spain), Dylan, Bakker (Berlin, Germany), David San (Barcelona, Spain) and David Mrugala (Seoul, Republic of Korea).

The Micro Wallet was created by Paperwallet for the company’s 3rd Kickstarter campaign, the last one being the Coin Pouch which which is offered together with the Micro Wallet for a special discount on the current campaign.

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