When it comes to your business, it is important to make the best impression possible on your customers. This includes your building’s appearance. It is crucial to make the first thing that your customers see the count.


Awnings are a great way to do this. They not only show consideration for customers as they provide brief shelter from the elements when stepping into your business, but how they are maintained and the quality of materials with which they are constructed determine how seriously your customer will take you.


Commercial building awnings come in all different shapes and sizes. Some can be fixed (meaning that they cannot be removed in inclement weather) while others are retractable, meaning that they can be pulled back safely in the case of high wind or other threatening weather patterns.


Retractable awnings are especially popular with businesses as they are highly customizable, and attach to a wall, roof or soffit of a business. While fixed awnings are subjected to more wear and tear since they can never be put away, retractable awnings can be tucked safely away and kept from the elements.


Within these two features, business owners have the option to choose if it they would like their awning to be manual, which requires them to open and close it with a type of crank, or motorized, which means it can be closed with the touch of a button. Most businesses opt for motorized retractable shades as this allows them to protect their customers from bad weather quickly and not depend on their own strength to do so.


Other options are canopy and storefront styles, which both come in retractable or fixed versions. Often restaurants or cafes use canopies to expand their seating areas. These can be permanent, removable or retractable as well, which is a great option for places that may only be open at certain times of the year. In addition, they are made with vinyl or acrylic and have panels that can be removed or attached depending on a business owner’s needs. Many companies love them as they are extremely customizable and can easily be made to fit the style of the business.


A storefront style, on the other hand, tends to be fixed. It is the first thing that a customer sees when entering an establishment. Often they also have a drop-front portion on them to protect from the elements as well. As with any fixed style, however, they often suffer more wear and tear because they cannot be removed.


Regardless of which style you choose, you want to make sure that you find a durable fabric that is fade-resistant, UV-and-water-resistant, bug-and-mildew-resistant, and will not rust. In addition, it needs to be constructed with sturdy materials. Aluminum is a good option as it is lightweight, yet holds up to the elements well.


The goal of your business is to be a warm and inviting place for customers to visit. Make them feel welcome by creating a classy yet practical entrance and/or seating area that shows them that they are your number one priority.


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