Bathrooms are one of the essential rooms in every home. It can contribute (or take away) from the value, utility, overall comfort, and experience of a home. As any new homeowner working with their team of interior designers and any person who is embarking on a do-it-yourself (DIY) home and bathroom remodeling project will tell you that the process requires many decisions to be made and is not as simple as it might seem. At Victoria Plumbing, we have been proudly serving our customers since 2001 with an exclusively online, streamlined, cost-effective, and convenient web platform as they embark on their project of making the ideal bathroom for their home and living space.

Since the start of Victoria Plumbing, we have helped over 2 million customers achieve Little Bathroom Victories. These valued customers have trusted as their go-to online source for bathroom projects ranging from simple upgrades with bathroom accessories, baths, taps, toilets, showers, floors, walls, and more extensive projects such as a complete bathroom makeover. We believe that we at Victoria Plumbing have become one of the largest and most trusted online retailers for all products and services related to bathrooms, only because, as a business, all of our focus is on making sure that our customers can achieve their Little Bathroom Victories. At Victoria Plumbing, it’s all about you, the customer. 

We recognize that we have other worthy competitors in the UK bathroom market. Still, we are confident that the combination of products, services, and information available has allowed us to provide our customers with an affordable, convenient, and streamlined experience. Over the years, our customers told us what they want from an online bathroom store, and we continue our best to go over and above as we serve our customers. 

What category of products and services does Victoria Plumbing?

We offer a comprehensive range of products and services related to bathroom design and construction, ranging from an entire bathroom suite that meets a customer’s personalized requirement to a bathroom’s components. These categories of bathroom products and fixtures from a wide selection of brands include the following: 

  1. Baths
  2. Shower enclosures
  3. Showerheads
  4. Taps
  5. Toilets 
  6. Basins
  7. Bathroom heating equipment and accessories
  8. Tiles, walls, and floors 

Apart from offering a wide range of products for our customers to choose from online, we also provide additional services that can assist and make the whole process of designing and constructing our customer’s bathrooms more streamlined and convenient. These personalized services include (but are not limited to) services such as fast delivery service, custom design, and installation service by professionals that consists of different steps such as fitting and plumbing. 

At Victoria Plumbing, we want to be a part of your journey to your home’s Little Bathroom Victory. This victory may be a modern bathroom, your home spa, or a more traditional style bathroom. Rest assured that we are to help, and there are products and services to meet everyone’s unique bathroom needs. We are here to serve you. 

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