In order to decorate a home, before everything else, what everyone looks out for is bringing home the perfect types of furniture, such as from RTA Cabinet Supply. A well-furnished home does consist of attractive and comfortable wooden furniture, be it a sofa, a table or a bed, etc. However, with time, furniture made out of wood can develop cracks and grooves easily. Hence, for every homeowner, it becomes very important to look after the furniture sets that are responsible for enhancing the appearance and feel of the home.


Top tips to care and protect your furniture properly


Cleaning & Dusting


Wooden furniture wears a vintage look and amps-up the appearance of the interior decor of a home. With proper dusting on a weekly basis, it is easier to maintain a wooden furniture set. All you need to take care of is that the materials which are being used to clean and dust the furniture. It is better to dust off using a dry and soft cloth, especially if it is made out of cotton.


Keep away from direct sunlight


If you have purchased wooden furniture, then make sure that the furniture sets do not get exposed to direct sunlight for hours on a daily basis. Otherwise, due to the phenomenon, which is known as spotting, several dark spots would appear all over the areas of the furniture that receive direct rays of the sun. It is essential to use a table cloth for your dining table, study table, or center table in the drawing-room. Also, you can add a film on your window to minimize the sunlight.




Try not to place any hot or cold things on your furniture sets for a longer time to keep it in good condition and maintain it properly. Primarily wooden materials are prone to excessive-high or low temperatures and end up getting distorted sometimes. This would affect the actual texture of the furniture, be it a table or wooden kitchen cabinets.


Read the care label


By purchasing wooden furniture online, you will always find a care label accompanying it. Make sure to check out the necessary information in order to maintain your furniture in a proper way for years without any need to change the piece.


Wash with warm water


One of the best tips to maintain and protect your wooden furniture is to clean them using warm water or furniture cleansing shampoo. However, do not continue to soak it for an extended period. Make sure to wipe off the excess water again with a dry cloth.


Apply oil or wax


To enhance the glow of the wooden furniture, it’s imperative to carry out the waxing and oiling process at intervals. Doing this would massively help in maintaining each and every wooden furniture that you have at your home. Due to the application of oil and wax, a protective layer gets added and aids in increasing the glow of the furniture.


It is very important to be aware of the top tips that can perfectly help you to maintain and take comprehensive care of the wooden pieces at your home. The important factors mentioned above can highly benefit you, if you are planning to purchase wooden furniture set to decorate your home in a very beautiful way.

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