When you’re in the market for a sofa — one of the essential furniture items in the entire house — you’ll most likely run into a dilemma that has increasingly plagued consumers: too many options. There is an overabundance of sofas and sofa types, each having differing specifications, looks, and prices.

It can be a challenge sifting through piles of catalog guides finding the right fit for your needs. Don’t fret, though, as this article shall discuss the various types of sofas and help you make an informed sofa-buying decision.

Slipcovered Sofa

This kind of sofa is preferred to give your living room a country-house and cottage look. Its relaxed construction provides a comfortable sitting experience. Plus, slipcovers are easy-to-remove-and-launder.

Thus, you won’t have to worry about water spills and food stains – if the slipcover is made of durable fabric such as cotton duck or twill. Just ensure that you routinely change out the cushions and use bleach carefully.

English Roll Arm Sofa

A flagship of sofa shops London, it is characterized by deep seats, soft curves, and low-rolled arms. The English roll arm sofa displays plenty of styles thanks to detailing such as naked bent legs, pleating around the armrests, and conditional tufting.

The upholstery is tight, but the body is well-cushioned. Perfect for solitary reading sessions with a cup of tea.

Leather Sofa

It is the go-to sofa for incorporating warmth and texture into the family room. While leather sofas of the past have infamously been oversized and bulky, today’s choices offer frames in all shapes and sizes. Industry professionals recommend a hardwood skeleton.

These sofas age like fine wine. This is because leather is an extremely durable material that stretches and adapts to use while still retaining its toughness.

Chesterfield Sofa

Distinguished by its high arms, deep seat, and diamond-tufted back and arms, the Chesterfield has a regal vibe. Plus, its wraparound structure makes for a cozy seat large enough for the whole family to fit in.

Note:- Its sizeable contours mean this sofa needs a room with some size to help maintain balance.

French Cabriole Sofa

Bring home romance with a wavy French cabriole sofa. Its naked wood frame features ornate carvings, — which look great if you are going for a more natural look and feel. Or if you want to move to the French countryside.

Ensure that the upholstery done on the backside is tight. Select a single bench cushion to help make the sofa look chic and modern at the same time.

Contemporary Modern Sofa

This style of sofa is all about minimalist design and clean lines. It is made to look good and be comfortable — However, the latter is given up for aesthetics. But coupled with the right home design, it can look fabulous.

Contemporary modern sofa is made for the practical-minded, and its design is outlined by elegance and simplicity.


The Bridgewater sofa is recognized by its trademark softly rolled backrest and low, slightly rolled arms. Add to that its soft, padded loose cushions and a distinctively tailored skirt, and you’ll have a sofa ready for both light conversations and binge-watching.

Bridgewater sofas can also be customized with alternate cushion configurations. You can even add floral patterns or keep it simple with relaxed pastels.


The arched back marks the camelback sofa. Due to its signature exposed legs and curved arms, this sofa remains as popular today as it was when its creator, Thomas Chippendale, introduced the design to the public in the 1700s.

Its sturdy, elongated construction makes the camelback suitable for a room used more for casual chats and catch-ups than lounging.

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Image Source: https://www.aif.london/sofa-guide/sofa-shops-london

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