Sitting on pretty patio furniture doesn’t come easy! In the rush to grab that seasonal sale or round off a dragging interior design job, most homeowners often make some fairly common yet glaring mistakes concerning outdoor furniture. Don’t be that impulsive buyer who lets seemingly great deals get the better of them! Which is why we’ve put together a bunch of mistakes commonly committed by homeowners in choosing the ideal wicker outdoor furniture. Steer clear of these glitches and you’re well on the way to owning outdoor furniture that is comfortable, aesthetic and practical!

Ignoring The Weather Gods 

As pretty as some furnishing options may seem, it’s prudent to choose one that is weather-resistant. Now, we don’t just mean furnishing that can put up a brave front against the rains. Even strong winds, the scorching sun or the occasional hail storm shouldn’t wear your outdoor furniture down. The biggest mistake homeowners make in choosing outdoor furniture is securing it only against the rain, but overlooking the effect the sun can have on the Lustre and sheen of your outdoor furniture.

In such a case, wicker furniture has proven its mettle against different types of weather challenges, retaining its look and build over the years. It is undoubtedly the safest option for outdoor furnishing from a functional, aesthetic and practical perspective.

Furnishing Just For Family

We often Furnish Outdoor Spaces with a rather limited vision. From having an outdoor breakfast every week to enjoying that solitary glass of wine every Friday under the stars, Outdoor Spaces are often envisioned to fulfil the needs of those staying in the house. But, what if we were to change the lens and view outdoor spaces as ideal hosting spots in the house? Often, we furnish outdoor spaces just for family, thus missing out on the chance to play perfect host there. Whether it’s about seating, tables or even lighting, don’t hesitate to view your Outdoor Furnishing needs from the perspective of making it hosting-friendly.

Go with a large seating option in the form of a long lounge or couch. Provide for ample shelf space in the form of centre or side tables to complement your outdoor furniture. Create lighting options such as outdoor LED floodlights to accommodate a larger group of people. If you have an outdoor space, it would be sinful to not use it on every occasion you can.

Leaving Accents Out of The Story 

We often limit ourselves to making outdoor furniture more functional than decorative. The fact that it is Outdoor itself, with ample exposure to rain and sun, is probably what discourages most homeowners from accenting their outdoor furniture with interesting accessories. Well, there’s some good news! You don’t need to cringe at the thought of the weather playing havoc with furniture accents! Waterproof cushions do exist, that can brave any storm to keep your decor dreams afloat. In fact, you can even make waterproof cushions yourself on a comfortable budget! Besides, why just restrict yourself to cushions? There is so much you can do to ramp up Furnishing,  whether indoor or outdoor. Consider vintage decor pieces to line along your sofa head. You can also place matching foot mats along your outdoor lounge to give it an easy and lazy feel. For a fun sporty look, you could throw on some foam balls along your sofa that double up as a fun game when you’re lounging outdoors with friends. There are also seasonal zipper cases for outdoor furniture that aren’t just pretty accent pieces but also double up as weatherproof decoration, protecting against spring pollen, mildew, rain or sunshine. Using interesting accents on your outdoor furniture also increases the curb appeal of your home. Play your Furnishing accents based on your taste as a family while keeping functionality in mind.

Skipping The Sit Test

Don’t pass the sit test on furniture that looks very appealing and suits your budget fine. Laying emphasis on aesthetics while overlooking comfort is often a mistake homeowners make. After all, you’re going to spend a lot more time sitting on your outdoor furniture than merely looking at it. Invest in furniture that is ergonomically designed to ensure proper posture and comfort. The incline of the backrest and the angle at which the seat is fashioned can be a deal-breaker if it doesn’t suit your frame. Seating that is positioned too low may not be comfortable for people of different age groups to sit and get up from. Also, some surfaces and fabrics heat up in the summer months, making it extremely difficult to sit on such hot surfaces.

Eliminate these possible glitches by giving outdoor seating a good and thorough sit test so that you know what you’re getting into.

Ignoring The Furniture Legs

We give due thought to the upholstery, colour and texture of furniture, often missing giving its legs a good look. Make sure you check the legs and surface of your options in outdoor furniture. Not only are they instrumental in ensuring your comfort in a firm, grounded and secure seating, furniture legs are also critical to your flooring.

If your outdoor space has wooden flooring, you might want to soften the base of your furniture to avoid scratches that can surface on wooden flooring before you know it! Also, outdoor cobbled stone flooring doesn’t find a perfect match in metal chairs. The friction and creaking will do more harm to your furniture than you can tell. Hence, it’s best to always give the legs and surface of your outdoor furniture due thought before you zero down on your choice.

Not Planning Ahead With Maintenance 

That tempting velvety lounge chair will require a great deal more care than the salesman will tell you. In the rush to buy the most attractive outdoor furniture, don’t make the mistake of buying something that is far too tedious to maintain. They’re then left juggling with fabric shampoos and drying agents that they have little knowledge of.

Ideally, you would want outdoor furniture that can be simply washed or wiped down with a generous amount of soap water and left to dry. As your indoor furniture may already be big on maintenance, it’s best to choose outdoor furniture that’s easy on upkeep. That’s where wicker furniture is an absolute breeze, making it an ideal choice for outdoor patio furniture.

We hope we have paved the way for you to choose the right outdoor patio furniture for your new home!

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