Selecting the right sofa or couch can be a challenging task. Do you know why? It’s because varieties in sofa and other related furniture are changing day by day. And if you don’t understand thoroughly about furniture, it can be frustrating to select a sofa.

However, there’s one good thing that happens recently. And it is an online furniture store. You can buy a sofa online. Now you don’t need to go to the store and see furniture anymore.

You can visit them virtually anytime from anywhere. So, if you don’t know much about the sofa, we are here to help you. This article will lead to the various types of sofas with a brief description. So, hang on and read further to buy the best sofa for your home.

  • Traditional Sofas

A standard softa is generally between six to eight feet wide, 36 inches high, and about 38 inches deep. So, make sure, if you are selecting a standard sofa size, you have much space in your living room. If you plan to accommodate a three-seater sofa, make sure you have at least 30 to 36 inches of walkway space not to feel congested.

  • Petite Sofas 

If you like the traditionally styled sofa, but your living is not spacious enough, then you can go for a petite sofa. This sofa has height and length the same as traditional ones, and only it has smaller depth. This makes it compact and easy to fit in a small location. You can find such beautiful petite sofas in various online furniture stores. 

People tend to hang their feet while sitting on this sofa. So, if you are one of them, you can consider this sofa. This sofa also won’t hinder if you have many guests’ arrivals, because it is compact.

  • Grande sofas

Friends frequently stay at your place; no worries if you have the grande sofa. This sofa is about 90 to 110 inches long, and five guests can comfortably sit. This sofa is the best option if you have enough space in your living room.

It is not only big, but it also looks elegant and stylish. It is cozy for tall people also. They can easily lay on it. And you don’t have to worry while buying this sofa because Shopsees also provide home delivery.

  • Tight Back Sofas 

This kind of sofas has a tightly upholstered backrest. It can be smooth or tufted, depends on your preference. This sofa spreads clan aesthetic vibes and also all the furniture to maintain its shape. It is also a good fit for a firm sofa. There is plenty of space at hand rests on putting pillows or cushions.

  • Pillow back sofas 

It is also called scatter back sofas due to their loose assortment of large cushions at the backrest. These pillows are generally upholstered as the same color as the rest of the couch. We can call this a kind of couch that doesn’t have traditional fitted back cushions.

Although it doesn’t have back cushions, it provides a relaxing seating experience. You can also purchase similar sofa chairs from shopsees. These chairs perfectly match this kind of sofas.

  • Tuxedo Sofas 

The tuxedo sofa has a boxy silhouette with arms, and it has the same height as the backrest. It provides a clean-lined look to your living room. Many people prefer tight backs and arms to get more advanced experience.

  • Curved Back Sofas 

If you want something different and unconventional in your home, curved back sofas are the best option you get. This sofa offers a mixed vibe of modern and retro design. It makes your furniture look too advance. The only thing is that it doesn’t fit across the wall. So, it needs more space. This sofa is the best got a group seating. You can easily buy from the best online furniture stores.

  • Track Arm Sofas

These sofas have rectangular armrests. It has a clean-lined modern vibe. It has an angular silhouette and fits perfectly against a wall or even in a corner. This sofa is super confutable and supportive, and it elevates your experience with resting pillows.

Final Thoughts 

These are the popular sofa types. If you have a specific sofa design in your mind, you can also customize the sofa. There are a few more sofa types like leather sofas and Slipcovered sofas. You can buy any of these, and it will enhance your living room’s beauty. Please write to us below on which one is your favorite sofa type.

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