When you have multiple children, there might be a point where every spare space in the house is for their use. From your study to the sunroom, there are toys and craft supplies scattered throughout the house. The arrival of the teen or pre-teen years means converting rooms, doing away with the small beds and dressers; it is time to create a space fit for an adult.

Here are some steps you need to take to make a room fit for a growing teen:

Select the place, preferably one that will no longer be used

To make the transition as smooth as possible, try to find a room that is not used frequently. It could be a nursery or study, so try to find a place that ensures there is no issue with ownership. Teens need private space,so having people wander in or treating it like a communal area does not align with their needs. If you are not planning on expanding your family anymore, the baby’s nursery is an excellent place to use.

Make renovations according to the teen who will be using the space

Since you are starting from square one, discuss the purpose of the room with your teen. Are there any features they want to have?  Are those features practical? You can take out the old carpet that has gone through multiple babies and toddlers and replace it with waterproof flooring that your teen can maintain themselves. If they are interested in music, you can install a surround sound system or soundproof their walls or you can have custom touches like floating shelves or customised storage. To solidify the new purpose of the room, give it a fresh coat of paint; the walls and modern furniture can make them feel like they are in a different space.

Purchase new furniture to fit an adult, the kind that will grow with them

Purchase new furniture depending on what you lack. You may opt to transfer pieces from the guest bedroom or carry over items that they have not out-grown of yet. If you are looking for a fresh start, sell your old things and buy something new. A table, a desk, chairs, lamps, and a bigger bed are some examples of items you can buy to match the new room.

It should be able to accommodate their physical growth as well as a growing collection of things. Style-wise try to find the middle ground, avoid selecting trendy items that could be out of fashion in a couple of years. To counter future changes in taste and to prevent any regrets, select neutral pieces that you can dress up or down.

While the project is a significant undertaking, it a great time to bond with your teen. Relearn your child’s tastes and interests, have do-it-yourself sections and have fun with the entire process. It is not every day that you get to design and create a new bedroom. Match their excitement and get to work.

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