Blink… and weeds grow. Snooze and the lawn’s a jungle. For some, an hour of two in the garden is the ideal after work. Others, can’t or don’t see the attraction and want the weeds gone and the lawn neatly manicured. Even if you fall somewhere in between, some gardening jobs are too big or won’t wait and it’s time to look for a green fingered expert. Here are some tips that can help.


Gauge Your Garden


Don’t start looking for a gardener until you have some clue about how you want your future garden to be. If you are working on your landscaping, it’s a good idea to come up with a checklist to discuss with potential gardeners. That way, they can give you an informed quote. Even if you are looking for someone to keep things tidy, make sure you both on the same page.


Know What Your Gardener can Do


Ask about previous experience. Not all are trained gardening professionals. On large expensive jobs such as as garden transforms, it is better to work with a company. They have teams of experienced professionals with a variety of specialisms to skillfully manage and maintain your garden, such as at My Lawn Care gardeners who are more than happy to lend a hand.


Of course, you don’t just need someone who knows when to prune roses. You need someone who can do the basics, like keeping your lawn moss- and weed-free. It’s a bonus that they will know how to green it up or bring on new growth. Think of that bonus applied to the whole garden. Under the attention of a green thumb, your garden won’t just shape up, it will flourish.


Or you can consider contacting Home Service Direct for assistance.


Consider the Cost


In most cases, gardeners charge by the hour. Prices vary when using a company over a solo operation. The usual contract is to agree to so many hours per week. Your gardener is in the best position to decide which jobs need to be done and when. Cutting back at the wrong time of the year can kill a plant off. If they are about to tackle a really big job like lopping or ivy pruning, they may need to shuffle hours around. Gardens are living things and it helps to stay flexible when managing them.


Ask for References


Seek referrals from friends and neighbors with impressive gardens. If they are happy with their gardener they’ll enjoy showing the garden off so ask for a look. Similarly, don’t be afraid to ask gardeners for their references. A professional gardener will have a portfolio to show you and if they are proud of their work, referees’ contact details ready to go. 


Whether you are looking for someone to deal with your orchard, your veggies or borders, it’s a good lawn that crowns a garden. It’s a seductive carpet of green waiting for you to slip off your shoes and go barefoot. A delight for the senses! To professionals, even the worst tangle of weeds is a blank canvas on which to work their green-fingered magic.  So, find the right one!



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