One of the essential parts of your home is the door. The security of your home and family highly depends on the door. The doors prevent intruders from quickly accessing your house. With technological advancements, there are significant innovations indoor industries that have led to the development of magnetic screen doors that provide extra security and other conveniences. For example, Flux Phenom Magnetic Screen Door – Retractable Mesh with Self Sealing Magnets – Keeps Nature Out. Below are the best reasons to install magnetic screen doors in your home:

Versatile Use

One of the best reasons to have a magnetic screen door is because they have a versatile use. They don’t require drilling of holes, use of bolds or spanners. As the name suggests, they use magnets to stick to the frame of the door. You can move and install anywhere in your house. It is easier to remove and re-install it in your house when needed. You don’t have to go deep into your pocket to hire someone to install or remove it. For instance, you can remove it during cold months to remain with normally closed doors and re-install it during hot days. It is also best for individuals whose landlords prevent the installation of permanent screen doors.

Ease Entry And Exit

Many times you pass through the door carrying items in your hands. With the regular framed doors, you must manually use your hands to open the door to enter or exit. when both your hands are occupied, you will be required to place down whatever you are carrying, open the door, then pick back your items. This brings an inconvenient and unpleasant experience. Having a magnetic screen door allows you to pass through them without using your hands to open or close back. You can pass through the door while carrying any heavy item without worrying about how to open or  freely close the door since it will close back after passing.

Allows Constant Fresh Air

With the availability of numerous small holes inside the magnetic screen doors, they allow a constant supply of fresh air to the house without allowing dirt or insects to enter. During hot days, you don’t have to use AC to humidify your house continuously. The magnetic screen door can also be the best option. Use of a magnetic screen door to allow fresh air also helps to minimize electricity bills since your AC will not be on for long hours.

Allow Access To Natural Light

Although you can light your bulbs or the fluorescent to provide light to your house, the natural light is usually the best with the regular framed doors. It is not easy to access natural light since they prevent the light from passing through them when they are closed. Having the magnetic screen door allows you to enjoy the natural light even if they are closed. The use of magnetic screen doors is to provide natural light to the house during the day. They also help reduce the number of hours your bulbs are on hence reducing electricity bills.

Prevents Bugs And Insects

As you enjoy the natural light and fresh air in your house, you won’t have to worry about being disturbed by bugs or insects. The spaces on the magnetic screen doors that allow the air to enter are minute, preventing the insects from getting in the house. Having a wide view of your outdoor space while in your house without disturbing insects and bugs gives you the best home relaxing experience.


You should acquire an excellent magnetic screen door to enjoy staying at home for the above reasons conveniently. But you have to ensure you select the best magnetic screen door that is right for your door. Luckily, there are several designs of magnetic screen doors to choose from. When you have a unique door that stable magnetic screen doors cannot fit. You can opt for customized ones like Flux Phenom Magnetic Screen Door – Retractable Mesh with Self Sealing Magnets – Keeps Nature Out.

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