There is a new trend out there today, and that’s revolving around shipping containers. From local home storage and custom home creation, all the way to business storage and more, shipping containers are becoming a more popular market because they save people a lot of money over the long run in order to fulfill their needs, especially when it comes to things like storage and materials. Why is this? We’ll get into this in a minute. That’s why we’re letting you know a few good tips and educate you into what you need in order to buy a shipping container.

Reasons to Have a Shipping Container for Home Use

When it comes to storage, you may not want to use the common practice of renting a storage unit. Because of this, shipping containers from Shipped are becoming more and more reliable because they would save you money, as mentioned above. How? That’s an excellent question and here’s the answer!

Shipping containers can come prefabricated and watertight, and offer just as much storage space as a typical storage unit. Not only this, but shipping containers can literally be placed right at your back door, making a close alternative to having to build or purchase a separate building for your home to store your personal belongings, tools, and more. Once you buy a shipping container, it becomes a part of your personal property, allowing you to take or leave it (if you sell your home) as you so choose. You would pay 10 times more in approximately 5 years by renting a storage unit as compared to owning a used shipping container.

As far as home materials, this use is also better because you could save thousands on brand new fabricated raw materials, then have to insulate the walls of your custom home or building you’re creating. Because of this, even many businesses have been jumping on the trend (there are a ton of construction offices and other office buildings that are built out of shipping containers for a fraction of the price it costs to build with raw materials).

For Your Business

When it comes to business storage, you can use one, or many shipping containers to create a custom warehouse rather than to buy an actual building. Maintenance on shipping containers costs a fortune less, and many shipping containers can be purchased already certified, inspected, licensed, and weatherproof. Not only this, but it saves a lot of money because when it comes to over-storage, a shipping container may be cheaper and can even be mobile, whereas you’re not going to be able to move an entire building by itself.


When you want to buy a shipping container, you don’t want to purchase one that has things like roll up doors. Most of these costs more money and you’ll need to customize these for your own business regardless. Shipping containers come in all shapes and sizes, and can even be found on eBay and Craigslist for as little as a couple thousand dollars! That’s the fraction of the cost that you would need to even purchase the materials to make a walled storage unit out of materials, therefore no matter whether you are running a business, or just someone needing it for residential purposes, shipping containers will be more profitable. Even when you buy them used, you are getting more durable material than say fabricated steel or tin paneling.

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