Congratulations for deciding to clean your air ducts this spring. Probably, you have noticed that air is not flowing smoothly through your air ducts and the only way to facilitate that is through duct cleaning Toronto.

Perhaps, it has been long since the last time you cleaned your HVAC system. Therefore, this is the right time to in duct cleaning services. Many companies offer duct cleaning services in Toronto. But how do you identify the best duct cleaning Toronto company? Here are the top seven tips that will help you get a professional and reputable company for your duct cleaning project. Take a look.

The Credibility of The Company.

A simple search on the website on duct cleaning Toronto will give you a dozen of companies claiming to be experts in the field. And to make it appear real, they will give you a quotation of their duct cleaning services that seem good to be true. Not all companies that will approach you have the credibility and experience to handle duct cleaning work. So, avoid double the stress and maybe double the cost of your project by reading through the history of the company before making your final decision to hire any come.

How Many Years Has the Company Been in The Business?

Should you hire a company that is just getting into the business to clean your new HVAC system? We are not saying that new companies cannot offer the best services; in fact, some times they are better than those which has been into the business for a long time. However, if this is the first time you are cleaning your air ducts, it is better to play safe and hire an established company.

An established company will possibly advise you on other things that need to be done before cleaning your air ducts. To know more about a company;

  • Go to their webpage and click on “about” to read about it and the year of establishment.
  • Does it provide a clear record of how many years it has been operating in the same location?
  • What is the experience of the workers that the company employs?

These are some of the selling points of any company. If the website has a mediocre website, especially on its “about us” page, probably it doesn’t have anything to say about itself.

The Company’s Reputation.

You might not find this on the websites of some companies. In such a case, you may need to interview the owner of the company or its representatives to know more about its credibility.

In the website you can check the reviews of the company concerning air duct cleaning Toronto;

  • What do the past clients say about their experience with the company?
  • Are there more positive reviews and few negatives or it is the other way around?
  • Are there similar reviews about the company?
  • What do the customers recommend?

You can also ask your friends and family members who had used duct cleaning services of the same company. Be keen to note their experiences. Ask people in the area where the company is located whether they know the existence of the company and how the company operates.

The word of mouth you get from these people will help you know the reputation of the company you plan to hire. They give you the best mirror of the company.

When interviewing the company, ask these questions to know more about the kind of employees they employ:

  • Do they scrutinise the backgrounds of their employees?
  • How long do the employees work for them?
  • Can they give you references?

Ensure that the duct cleaning Toronto company you choose to clean your air ducts is well-qualified. Also, ensure that the company has the relevant documentation needed to carry out duct cleaning.

Be Aware of Scams.

If you decide to hire a company that is licenced by the state, there are few chances that you will fall into a scam. But it doesn’t cost anything to play safe to avoid some scams that have ravaged this lucrative industry.

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