This is a Transparent Glass Toaster. I call it the InvisiToaster, but that’s just me and I have a knack for naming things. The concept was created by Inventables Concept Studio who are looking to manufacture the toaster. The thing works by heating glass technology, whatever that is. SCIENCE! Obviously the see-through design is meant to prevent your toast from getting any more toasty than you’d like. But seriously? I’ve got better things to do than to sit and watch my toast toast. No… no I don’t. BUT I like to throw caution to the wind and just let the toaster surprise me! Will it be extra crispy? Barely browned? Golden perfection? I don’t know, but the suspense is killing me! What can I say? I live an uneventful life.

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  1. Jerzygirl45

    It’s kinda cool (SCIENCE!) yet kinda pointless. I, too have (no) better things to do than watch the toast get tanned. But – it only does one piece at a time.

    I say buy it, watch it a couple of times, make a video, put it on youtube, then return the damn thing. Or unplug it, put it on a shelf and use it as a funky photo frame.

  2. Neil

    Not all bread is the same width. And one piece at a time is pretty pointless.

  3. Casey

    Where can this toaster be purchased and how much is it??? I love it!!! :)