Do you know that you should be replacing your mattress every 7 to 10 years? Even if you have bought the best quality mattress in a box, you should be changing them around that mark.  It’s important to take note that mattresses aren’t manufactured to last for your entire lifetime.


They are meant to be replaced every few years as mentioned above – depending on the usage. Why is it important that you should change your mattress then? You may argue that it is still “fine” after all these years but here’s why you should change it now.


First of all, your mattress won’t retain its original firmness. Over the years of wear and tear, it will naturally sag and deform on well-worn areas. Your mattress is one of the well-used objects in your home and in time it will really change.


There are several conditions that can change it in time, you may now have a co-sleeper on your bed. Therefore increasing the weight the mattress is carrying. Your weight could have changed over the years also.


When your mattress loses its firmness, it can no longer give your body the right support. It will affect your body alignment when you sleep and you would probably wake up sore all over. Furthermore, an uncomfortable bed won’t let you sleep for so long during the night as you have to continuously shift your position.


Secondly, your bed would be a probable nesting ground of allergens, dust mites, and other bugs. Also, the users would be shedding dead skin and what more if you have pets. An old mattress can be too unhygienic to use. You wouldn’t want allergy attacks and other respiratory diseases to happen.


It already goes without saying that getting enough sleep is important. It will affect how productive and focused we are the following day. How can you perform if you are feeling sluggish?


Losing sleep continuously will affect your well-being also. If you remain sleep-deprived, this increases the risk of having cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, anxiety, and depression. So, replace your old mattress as soon as possible. What do you need to know before buying?


Size–Determine what size you should be getting before buying. The more you should think about the size if you have a co-sleeper on your bed. Understand what size you need so you are prepared when you are doing the purchase.


This way, you wouldn’t underestimate or overestimate the size of the mattress. Figure out what fits you and your co-sleeper if you have, and your room. Knowing what size to buy on the get-go eliminates some time searching for the right bed.


Firmness – Mattresses come in different firmness. Research what fits you and the users. This is important as it will determine how comfortable you will be on your bed. If you can drop by the showrooms, do it so you can personally test how firm the mattresses are.


Buying Online–Not everyone has the luxury of going to the showrooms. Not everyone can haul around such a huge purchase from the store to their home.  And that’s perfectly okay.


You can buy online and even order a mattress in a box if the size worries you. It’s your same mattress but packaged in a compact manner. However, be mindful of the purchase conditions. If buying online, read on more information about returns and warranties on the website.



Your mattress contributes to the quality of sleep you will be having. So, go replace your old mattress if you haven’t already.You deserve a good night’s rest.

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