Need help in detecting problems in your electric appliances? Find out how in this guide.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve brought your appliance recently or had it for a few years, you have to prepare for the inevitable. The best way to solve this issue is to look for Oakville appliance repair.

That’s why we’ve created this guide to help homeowners get their appliances back to an operating level. We’ll help you diagnose the most common problems with your appliances so you can enjoy its use around your house again.

The appliance is Making Weird Noises

First, you need to check for the obvious signs. Did your temperature adjustment controls get accidentally placed too high?

Next, you’ll have to clean the gasket. If this isn’t sealing properly, then cool air might be escaping. Use water and rinse and dry well. You can check in the seal by placing a dollar bill and then shutting the door with it.

If you notice that the door isn’t working, you might need to level the fridge. Make sure to turn the feet under the front section of the machine so it can be stored more evenly.

Lastly, clean out the coils. Usually, they are placed behind or under the machine. Once the coils are glutted with pet hair or dust, your fridge won’t be able to cool as well. Unplug the refrigerator, pop the grate, and then use your vacuum cleaner hose.

You should do this task at least several times throughout the year; If you have cats or dogs in your household, then you should do this more often. You’ll start to notice a drop in your annual electric bills as the unit will operate more effectively.

Inconsistent Icemaker

First off, you need to consider the average amount of time it takes to create a new batch. On average, it takes 90 minutes to have a full box of ice. If this isn’t your issue, make sure you change the water filter that’s inside of the refrigerator compartment. Look in the manual to see how to fix your ice maker.

Call For Repairs

If your DIY solutions aren’t working, and if the refrigerator is running over 40 degrees Fahrenheit, then you’ll need a technician to help sort things out. And if your fridge is operating constantly, or if the issue is electrical or mechanical, you will need an expert to tell you why. Make sure to have a home warranty plan that covers refrigerator repairs, so you won’t be surprised by the repair bill.

When Should I Replace My Appliance?

Here’s a rule of thumb, if the cost to repair an appliance is about half the cost of a new appliance, then it’s better off replacing it. You might be paying $150 annually to use an old unit; when you could be using a new one for $80. The average life expectancy of appliances lasts for 10-18 years.


Always know that you can fix your appliances with the right procedures at your disposal. This means that if you have a broken air conditioner appliance, look in your instruction manual to see if there is a proper way to fix it.

If you’re unable to do it on your own, then getting Oakville appliance repair is a good alternative option. No matter what, look for the solutions and apply the one that’s the most cost effective.

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