Yesterday we saw the mega disturbing/kinda hilarious taxidermied mouse chess set, today we’ve got a video of a mouse decorating a teensy Christmas tree. What is this, Mouse Week at Incredible Things? No, no it’s not. But I’m totally gonna suggest it at the next business meeting! The good news is, this time, the mouse is alive. HALLELUJAH! I don’t think I could stand to see another dead mouse this week. Which means I’m not looking at any mousetraps until next week. Sorry for the smell, but I’ve met my quota! The video is super cute. My only complaint is: what is with that music? It is DRAB. When I watch a mouse decorating a Christmas tree (my favorite pastime!), I need something with a phat beat. Not some slow dance crap about the actual meaning of Christmas or whatever, I’m talking about some truly jolly jams that Santa gets down with when he’s stuffing his ass down chimneys and stuff. You know what I’m saying? Pump up the jam, pump it up!

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    Very cute!