We are always in a festive mood around here, so it makes sense that Christmas is one of our favorite times of the year. It’s a time to spread some love and magic and what better way than connecting with people?

One beautiful way to do that leading up to the holidays is by sending a Christmas cards. At Paperlust their designers have been busier than Santa’s helpers getting ready for Christmas. They have an impressive collection of personalized Xmas cards with something for everyone. With so many attractive options, we’ve started making deciding who will be on our Christmas card list this year and it’s going to be long! 

Cards For Friends

When it comes to sending cards to friends, you can be as silly, imaginative and off-the-wall as you like. This is a fun opportunity to release your Christmas creativity and be as joyous as you like. Bright colors, catchy sayings and funky fonts are just some of the ways you can surprise your friends. Add a photo of yourselves and this Xmas card will be a keeper way into the New Year. 

Credit to the Paperlust designers who made epic cards like the grinch with the chainsaw, the beach-themed Xmas tree and the Ho, Ho, Home card is perfect for sending to friends who you haven’t been able to see due to the pandemic. 

Cards For Family

Family adore receiving personalized Christmas cards with photos of their loved ones. It might be time to book a photo shoot, so you have a collection of stunning images for your cards in time for Christmas. Happy photos that are natural and authentic look wonderful on cards that can be framed in the New Year to be enjoyed all year round. 

The text can be personalized so every family member’s name can be printed on the card in a fab font and maybe something fancy like flat foil or metallic. 

Cards For Work Colleagues

Maintaining strong and healthy work relationships has never been more important. Covid has meant many people have spent little time with their workmates in real life for well over a year. Staying connected by sending a message of support and well-wishes for Christmas and the New Year is sure to be appreciated. Don’t forget to send one to your boss!

Sending cards to business contacts is a positive networking opportunity that shouldn’t be missed. For close or important contacts, featuring a photo of your family is a lovely idea and will make a good talking point next time you meet up. Or you could go for a stylish, minimalistic-looking card where the focus is on the font, paper and message.

How about sending this modern take on a classic concept? The Joy, Love, Peace card is simple yet elegant. The Peace, Love, Hope card is another beauty on natural recycled paper. Your Christmas card messages will look dazzling. If you click the “inside” button under the image, you can preview the inner design and words.

Cards For Online Contacts and Others

Finally, we are sharing the love with people with who we have relationships online. It might be someone you follow and admire, work with but never met or are hoping to build a stronger connection within the New Year. When your connection is online and the mailman delivers a Christmas card to the door, it is surely a nice surprise that will have a memorable impact. 

Don’t forget your neighbors, kids, teachers and anyone else who might need a splash of the Christmas spirit – who doesn’t?

The cat tangled up in Christmas lights on the Wreck the Tree card would make anyone smile and the Gingerbread Cookies cards are super sweet. 

Paperlust also has ready-made packs of five cards with mixed designs. You can personalize these cards by writing your own message inside. Using specialized printing techniques like letterpress, real foil press and white ink printing, these cards are beautiful and suitable for anyone. It’s always a good idea to keep a stash of cards for those last-minute gifts and new friends you might make after the postage deadline has passed.  

If you are overwhelmed by all the gorgeous options and can’t decide, we recommend ordering the $5 sample pack of paper and envelopes. Then you can feel the texture and see the finish of the papers available. You still have time to do this before buying your Christmas cards online, but don’t wait too long. You know Christmas isn’t too far around the corner. 

Gather the family together to choose favorite photos for the cards or set up a special photoshoot to get some new images for your unique cards. Deciding on paper, fonts, colors and style is also a fun way to get into the festive Christmas mood. Even the youngest family members can get involved every step of the way. 

Paperlust has one of the best online Christmas card selections we’ve seen. If you are obsessed with all things xmasy like we are, you will be swooning over the joyful stationery they have on offer. It’s easy to order online and have the cards and envelopes delivered so you can add your handwritten messages and get those beauties posted out or given to the people in your life who matter the most.  

What creative Christmas minds they have over at Paperlust. We are sure they must be fueled up on Christmas jingles, candy, and hot chocolate to be coming up with so unique designs. Now is the time to start thinking about who is on your Christmas card list. Thanks to Paperlust, it can be as long as you want! 

Image Source: Paperlust (with permissions)


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