When it comes to chess pieces, all wooden sets are great. They are very durable and resistant to damage. They look elegant and classy on any table you choose to play chess on. However, some sets stand out from the rest. They possess some unique features that make them better than average.

Such chess sets are perfect for those who love playing chess on the go, as they can be folded and put into a compact box. These sets tend to be popular among students and people who move around a lot or travel a lot. Without further ado, here are the top features of portable wooden chess sets.

Folding Mechanism for Easy Storage

The most significant feature is that they can be folded or unfolded easily to make storage easier. It comes in boxes where these pieces will fit like a glove. After playing with them, fold them back and place the box in your bag.

Durability and Style to Last a Lifetime

Whether an amateur or a professional, you need reliable chess pieces that will last and be with you for decades. Wooden sets may prove the best choice as they can withstand many years of abuse without getting damaged. As far as style goes, wooden sets are the way to go, as they come in a variety of designs and can be optimal for decorating your room.

Portable Wooden Chess Sets are Excellent for Traveling

Although you can always buy regular chess boards or portable vinyl ones, using wooden sets is much better. They are sturdier than other board types and are great for playing chess on the go. If you want to spend a few hours in a park and play chess there, nothing is better than using these sets.

Come in a Wide Variety of Colors

Wooden chess pieces come in a wide variety of colors, ranging from green to brown. It makes each set unique and interesting.

Whether you are looking for traditional black and white chess pieces or modern dobby ones, wooden sets can offer everything! You can choose the ones that fit your style and personality best.

Portable Wooden Chess Sets Do Not Require a Special Board

Another great benefit is that such chess sets do not require you to buy special boards as they can be played on any flat surface or table. It comes in handy when you want to go for a walk but don’t have the time or desire to carry an additional board with you.

Finally, regular wooden chess pieces look classy and elegant on any table you choose to put them on. Wooden sets will surely impress your guests when they come over for a game in your home! They will fit into any surroundings perfectly. And if that isn’t enough, you can even buy a special mat to make your games more enjoyable.

How to Pick the Best Wooden Chess Sets?

When choosing your set, you must pay attention to several characteristics that determine its quality and performance during games. First of all, you should look at how it is folded. It has to be sturdy and made of decent material that will not break easily. It should also have a strong latch or handle on the box to keep everything safe while transporting it from one place to another.

The folds should be even, as uneven folds tend to wobble at times. Furthermore, it should have a non-glossy finish that will not reflect light too much. Finally, the board should be well made and not flimsy to ensure it does not warp easily when left in humid areas.

In terms of chess pieces, you need to pay attention to their design and aesthetics. You can choose from many different options, but the most important thing is to pick pieces that you like. The size of the board should be proportional to these pieces; otherwise, it will look odd and not appealing.

How Much Do Wooden Chess Boards Cost?

Most chess sets are expensive because they go beyond just a game. You can always buy cheap sets that do not fold, but they are not as durable as wooden ones. If you decide to purchase a folding chess set, do not expect it to be cheap.

In general, that’s all there is to know about portable wooden chess sets. Thus, it would be best if you consider investing in these types of sets. They offer numerous benefits over other boards and are great for playing outside the house or during long vacations without worrying too much about them being damaged. Most importantly, they are very stylish!

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