If your kitchen looks incomplete without your cabinets, you’re not alone. For many people out there, custom kitchen cabinets are that final touch that brings their whole color scheme together and ties it all up nicely. 

Tie that up with how important a kitchen is for the household and you’ll see why so many people spend hours of their time designing better and better kitchens. Creativity knows no bounds, and it makes for some incredible cabinet designs that you might want to copy.  

Steel Cabinets 

A kitchen with steel cabinets looks serious and professional. Looking at one in a home would remind you of a restaurant, and it may give you the impression that some major cooking is happening in this household. 

Another great advantage of a steel kitchen is how easy they are to keep clean. Steel doesn’t stain very easily and it’s not a problem to get things off the surface either. 

Contrasting Colors 

Up till now, all kitchen cabinets used cabinets of a single color all over them. But things are changing fast, and the new trend is not only to have kitchen cabinets tie in a whole interior look together but to add to it. 

People are choosing two different colors and materials that they think would go well together, and having their cabinets made in those. Websites like bestonlinecabinets.com offer cheap cabinet options that are similar in quality to custom made options, which only helps people realize their vision into reality.

The differences in cabinet color and design can be used to make a very powerful statement if you’re careful with your choices, or it could turn into a mess. 

Glass in Your Kitchen 

No interior designer is unfamiliar with the age old trick of using glass to make small spaces look bigger, but that’s not all the things glass is good for. 

Adding some glass to your home gives it an airy and light feel as well as the illusion of space which would be ideal for smaller kitchens. Instead of having your kitchen cabinet doors made with wood, consider having some glass installed over there. 

One thing to keep in mind is that the glass cabinet doors will probably require more maintenance and work than other materials. Glass is very easy to cloud up because of smoke and humidity, and it might get stained easily as well when you open and close cabinets with food on your hands while you cook. 

Gold Details 

Most of the fittings we see in kitchens are chrome and silver, but adding copper or brass fittings to a black or dark brown theme would not only make your kitchen stand out from the rest, but it’ll also give it a rustic and old school feel. 

Gold details in your kitchen like the tap on the sink and the drawer pulls will make your dark kitchen cabinets stand out in the best way possible, and are sure to leave an impression with the guests.

Gold Details

Open Shelves 

Instead of closed cabinets with beautiful looking doors, many people are opting for open shelves in their kitchen. 

If you’re into the whole “spacious but cozy” kitchen, shelves stocked with all your spices and cooking supplies are sure to create a homely and cozy feel. 

Many people have taken it a step farther and painted the insides of their shelving spaces different colors and themes to really make the kitchen pop, and gotten spice jars and kitchen equipment to match! 

Surprising Paint Shades 

If your whole kitchen theme is based on one or two colors you can make a statement by painting your kitchen table, your island or one of two cabinet doors a different color. 

Bold statements like a tea pink kitchen table in a black and white kitchen can work out surprisingly well if you get your shades right, and the idea is one that people are beginning to experiment with more and more often. 

This season, kitchen cabinet designs are all about thinking outside of the box and doing things that have never been done before, such as what you can find at Kitchen Cabinets Calgary. From giving your kitchen the illusion of space with some extra glass to using different materials for the cabinets instead of one, it’s all about shaking things up and stepping away from the ordinary. 

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