If you are a property owner that is in a community association, then you may have some sort of contact with the board of directors of your community. There is a good chance that you can have a general idea of the roles the board plays, so it’s necessary to understand the key functions that the board of directors do. 

Remember that the committees and boards have a huge role to make sure that the operation and management of your community is successful while preserving the property values. This page explains the key roles of the HOA board of directors.

The roles of HOA board of directors

There are several functions that the HOA board of directors do for the community they are responsible for. Keep in mind that a good board needs to put aside their personal preferences. Besides this, they need to understand their roles and make the right decisions on behalf of the whole community. Some of their responsibilities include: 

Maintaining the common areas

The members of the association are usually responsible for maintaining their properties. On the other hand, the board of directors of the association have the responsibility for maintaining all the common areas. In most cases, the maintenance of common areas can include maintaining entrance signs, private streets, and even hiring landscapers so that they can manage the grass in all common areas in the community.

Other common areas maintenance can also include the upkeep and maintenance of amenities, such as clubhouses, pools, playgrounds, and gyms. However, board members need to be careful when it comes to the governing documents to make sure that they understand the level of their responsibilities. This is because associations tend to have different levels of responsibilities depending on the kind of association you are involved with. 

Ideally, the board of directors need to visit the community’s private streets to identify the problems that are there. Once they uncover these issues, they can find a reputable service provider to do any specific work that needs to be done at an affordable price. Also, they can be responsible for making sure that the work required in the community is properly done.

Board of directors can also plan for large capital repairs that can come throughout the years. They need to find reputable service providers and allocate money for future repairs.

They make sure there is compliance with the association’s governing documents

This is another key role of the board of directors. Unfortunately, many board of directors don’t like this role because some people fail to follow rules. But compliance is not punishment because it aims at promoting uniformity so that they can preserve the values of the properties for all members. 

Therefore, the board of directors need to be familiar with the governing documents of the communities as well as the knowledge of the state, federal, and local laws that apply to their community. Also, these documents should be easily accessible to all the members so that there is transparency. It also allows the members to check these documents when there is a need to do it.

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