Over the past few years, we have seen many trends come and go, but there have been a few design elements which have remained popular. We’ve collated these improvements together with all the inspiration you need to create a stylish upgrade for your home.

Decked Patios

Decking has been a popular garden installation for decades. A perfect solution for outdoor living, decking offers a level surface for dining and relaxing. Composite decking offers a durable, weatherproof alternative to timber. A fabulous material that harnesses the looks of traditional decking without the common problems that occur with timber decking, such as warping, splintering or rot.

Green Houses

Installing a greenhouse is a great way of upgrading your home, to add value. Many have been creating a kitchen garden with their greenhouses. Stereotypical greenhouses have become a thing of the past, many homeowners have added a splash of paint and incorporated raised beds outside perfect for growing organic produce. Inside these greenhouses you can create areas for potting and seeding. These can also serve for entertaining, afternoon teas and brunches with friends.

Outdoor Living Rooms

An ideal permanent feature, outdoor living rooms offer a more weatherproof, insulated alternative to a summer house. Outdoor living rooms offer an excellent extension to your living area. Furnish with rattan furniture inside for an ideal entertainment area or get creative and incorporate signage, a fire pit or hot tub. Plug in a gaming console and you’ve got a great space for teens. You could even transform the space into a home office, for a more relaxing base for home working.


Adding a perimeter around your property is the perfect addition not only for creating a backdrop for your shrubs and flower beds but also creating some privacy from your neighbours. This is a great upgrade, because you can decorate how you like, either paint to complement your home, add climbing roses and trellis, or maybe the addition of ivy is your preference. Composite fencing offers a low maintenance alternative to timber.

Modern metal fence for fencing the yard area. Horizontal sections of the fence made of metal

Home Gyms

Adding a permanent home gym to your home is a great upgrade. Adding value to your house price for the next owner if installed properly. You can get creative with your space, whether its directly within your home or installed in a garden room or garage. You can choose a theme and add your gym equipment. Whether opting for a rustic style, an industrial look, some go for a motivational quote style, and some have gone for a more relaxing, tranquil style, as a yoga studio with integrated toilets and hand dryers.

Skylights or Rooflights

If you have a dark room within your home, there are many things you can do. Changing the colour of the walls to a lighter tone will make a room feel larger. But the addition of a skylight or rooflight is perfect for creating light within your room, creates an airy and fresh look. This feature can really open up a room and give an illusion of space. Natural light and space make a room feel inviting and airy. This is a stunning way to transform your kitchen or extending your living room.


The addition of a conservatory can add value to your home. The building of a conservatory adds another room to your home. There are many options when deciding what to do with your conservatory, some opt for a cosy candlelit room for dining in, some create an airy and breezy space for opening up to the outdoors in summertime. The possibilities are endless. You could create a casual or formal living room in this space. You can even convert a conservatory into a home gym. Use your space to enhance and improve your lifestyle.

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