Last year was tough. Most people were new to the concept of working from home, and it was a trial by fire. This year, however, things are going to be different.

For one, there’s a probably end in sight to the coronavirus pandemic, with vaccines slated for wide distribution sometime mid-year. Secondly, everyone’s a little more comfortable working from home now, having had the better part of a year to finesse it.

But being comfortable with the work and being comfortable at work are two wholly different things. This winter, as the holidays die down and you head back to the home office, prioritize your comfort. To help you nestle into an easy winter and spring, here are a few work-from-home tips.

Comfortable Work Attire: Not an Oxymoron

“Comfortable” and “work attire” may seem like an oxymoron, but it doesn’t have to be. The stiff, starched button-ups of old are no longer compulsory in all but the strictest offices, so relax a little. For a perfect marriage of comfort and formality, choose a work shirt made of merino wool. Merino wool button-downs look like their polyester counterparts (better, in fact), and they are also breathable, sweat-wicking and soft to the touch.

If you don’t have any video meetings lined up today, you can do away with buttons altogether and wear this ultra-comfortable compact travel hoodie made of merino wool. It’s as perfect for reclining at the home office as it is for wearing on your next international vacation. Check out this glowing review for more info.

Watch Your Back

Spinal health is a serious issue, especially at sedentary jobs. While your office was probably fitted with ergonomic chairs, there’s a good chance your home office is not.

Sitting for hours on end on a wooden dining table chair or metal office chair will come back to haunt you. To stay comfortable for the duration of your work-from-home stint, invest in an ergonomic office chair. If you end up going back to the office, you can always sell it (or take it with you!)

Keyboard Comfort Is Key

Speaking of workplace hazards for sedentary workers, all that typing at the ledge of a laptop or desk can cause painful issues, including the dreaded carpal tunnel syndrome.

Luckily, the solutions are simple. Start by purchasing a keyboard rest – they’re cheap, easy to use and effective. Secondly, take breaks from typing. That leads to the final point…

Break Like You Used to

Do you remember being at the office? Do you remember the breaks you would take when nothing – not the buzz of the copier or the call of a colleague – would shake you from relaxing. At home, people tend to view their breaks differently. They tidy up, tend to the kids, take out the trash, etc.

Don’t let your domestic duties interfere with your mandated leisure time. Workplaces give breaks for a reason – so you can recharge your batteries. If you want to remain comfortable while working from home, you have to stop working sometimes. It’s as simple as that.

Working from home doesn’t have to be arduous. With the right clothes, the right office gear and a few breaks, you can turn your at-home office into a sanctuary.

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