House owners everywhere already know by now the role a lush, beautifully kept lawn plays in the overall aspect of the property. In most cases, the aesthetic appearance of the lawn will either make or break the game for your home – it can either be the most beautiful and coveted lawn in the neighborhood or the most down-beaten one around. To this end, we’ve compiled a list of five easy tips you can employ to create a gorgeous, lush lawn:


1. Cut the Grass Regularly


As with any other activity that you expect great results from, discipline is key. The same principle applies to your lawn maintenance – you will need to cut the grass regularly, as this process thickens it. Having said this, it’s best to do this more often and in smaller amounts, rather than all at once. It’s also important to remember every time you mow the lawn to switch directions and patterns, which prevents the grass straws from getting pressed against each other. During summertime, it’s recommended that you let the grass grow a little longer as it helps it deal better during periods of drought.


2. Water Your Lawn in Abundance and Often


There’s a tip that not many homeowners know about – if you water your lawn less often and in abundance, it will help it grow deeper roots into the soil. This also helps the lawn keep a fresher look during hotter weather. The best way to test your soil and see if it needs watering again is to see whether the first three or four inches are dry to the touch. If so, proceed to water the lawn evenly with 1 inch of water. This is a general recommendation given by experts, but of course, this number depends on your local geographical, soil and climate conditions. There are also devices you can use to test the soil’s moisture level, such as an electronic soil tester that can help indicate when the time for watering is ripe. Water crystals are also a great way to help your soil retain more moisture.


3. Fertilize It Properly


Every time you cut your lawn, you do not only help the grass regenerate in the long-term, but you also dwindle its nutrients as an immediate effect. All these nutrients that have been lost organically need to then be replaced artificially. This means you’ll need to fertilize your lawn every four-five weeks with a fertilizer chosen from your local garden retailer. Your lawn will typically need substances such as potassium, nitrogen and phosphorus and other special mixes. If you don’t know how much organic fertilizer to use for your lawn, just check your fertilizer package and carefully follow the instructions there.


4. Aerate Your Compacted Lawn


Lawns that are used very frequently and see a high degree of traffic tend to get pressed down, while the soil becomes more compact. A compacted lawn creates fewer opportunities for the soil to hold nutrients, water and air. A great way to test if your lawn has become compacted is to insert a shovel into the ground and observe if it struggles to go in deeper or not. If your lawn is compacted you will need to aerate the soil in order to bring back more air, water and nutrients into it. One way to do this is to use a plug aerator during springtime when it’s the ideal time to do this. A plug aerator will remove parts of the soil and create holes all throughout the soil, which enables it to breathe again. This type of machine can either be rented or bought and you can even opt for experts to visit your home and take care of the aeration issue themselves.

5. Carefully Time Your Weed Killers


Lawns will typically be invaded by weeds all throughout the year and will slowly start looking messy and untidy. This is why it’s important to apply special weed killers that will take care of this issue and bring your lawn back to its neat and fresh look. The best way to prevent weeds from sprouting up in the first place is to have a lawn that’s thick enough not to enable other seeds to germinate. To this end, the best time to attack these pestering weeds is during springtime or early summer, when they haven’t had a chance yet to grow such deep and strong roots. There is a large variety of weed killers available on the market, with solutions for every type of weed out there. Research them carefully and buy the ones that best fit your gardening needs.


When all is said and done, maintaining your lawn is something you need to do either way – the difference in the final results is directly influenced by the techniques you apply. However, as long as you follow the tips mentioned above, you can create one of the best-looking lawns in the neighborhood. Once you have implemented the tips you’ve acquired, all you need to do is apply them throughout the year, while refining those methods to best suit your style and the greenery that surrounds your home.


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