With their ever growing size, TVs are a noticeable and important feature in your living room or den. As such a modern TV stand needs to sit within the vernacular of your home decor and be the right size to suit your needs.

Measure Up

You will have chosen the TV according to your needs and how much it gets used. Some have a large TV for gaming, movie and sport watching as well as the family gathering around for SNL. Others may already live in a post-TV world where mobile devices rule the roost and only want a smaller screen for occasional use.

Whatever the size of the screen, you should ideally have a TV stand that is at least 10-15cm wider than the horizontal width of the TV. This will prevent people knocking the TV as they walk past it or catching it, potentially damaging what can be a considerable investment in electronics.

The next thing to consider is how much physical space you have. Ideally there should be at least three feet between the sofa and TV unit, but the TV stand will take up a length of wall too. Do you want a smaller TV on a larger unit that shows off other things like indoor plants and photos? A modern TV stand need not just be for the TV!

Home Decor

If you are to spend $$$ on a TV and a decent sum on a TV stand, then it makes sense to look for a modern TV stand that sits comfortably within your home decor. There are a range of styles to choose from, from an industrial look to country cottage and even a mid-century look.

Ultimately, where the size of the TV stand is a head thing, the home decor issue is a heart thing where you choose something you’re going to love now and always.

Modern TV set on wooden stand in room

Storage and Peripherals

It’s pretty rare these days that a TV sits on its own. You will likely have at least a cable or satellite box and potentially a DVD player or games console too. Gone are the days when these had to sit in plain sight as with TV stand design they can be hidden even while in range of the remote control.

Along with the DVD player you may wish to store DVDs too. With this (and other) storage issues in mind, you can narrow your choice of TV stand down.

Given all of the criteria above you may simply find that a tV stand chooses you as opposed to you, it – now that really is a case of love at first sight!

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