The air conditioner is meant to keep our homes cool and comfortable during summer and when the sun is at its hottest. The AC system takes a lot of beating during this time of the year, which increases the risk of breaking down. Having the AC units checked and serviced by a certified technician, however, reduces these risks significantly. Regular servicing and maintenance help ensure any loose or broken parts are replaced or repaired before it is too late. A professional AC repair technician will also be able to detect low refrigerant levels, replace/repair broken wires, as well as replace/clean clogged air filters.

Finding the right AC repair technician for a repair job can, however be an intimidating task for many. A simple google search, however, gives you dozens of hits to choose from. You shouldn’t hire the first technician you come across. It would be wise to look into several of these potential candidates to determine if they are qualified for the job and for your safety as well. Some of the key factors you ought to consider when shopping for an AC repair technician include:

1. Certifications: Licensing and Insurance
Only candidates with a valid license and whose insurance is current should be considered for any professional repair job. Among other reasons, your equipment will be in safer hands with a licensed technician as compared to an unlicensed one. It is also worth noting that the contractor must have attended formal training for him/her to be licensed.  Insurance is also mandatory when hiring a technician. The insurance policy should cover both the contractor and the equipment he/she will be working on while on your premise. Should anything go wrong (damage or injuries), the insurance policy should cater to all the expenses.

2. Professional Training
The technician should be able to provide proof of training. This can be in the form of a certificate or anything else that you can use for reference. Most AC repair technicians got the skill through training at a technical training center, or have a few years of experience working in the same field. Nevertheless, the government requires one to provide proof of training and even pass several tests before he/she can be licensed. Ask for the technician’s license code for confirmation purposes.

3. Experience
Experience is an essential factor to consider when looking for an electrical repair technician. Formal training alone isn’t enough for one to be capable of handling any AC unit in the market.  It takes several years of working experience in the field for one to be able to handle AC units expertly. It is also through experience that the technician will get to understand how various systems work.  The craftsmanship of an experienced contractor cannot be compared to a newbie in the industry.

4. Reputation
Reputable technicians provide much higher quality service and always try to leave their customers/clients satisfied. Dig a little deep on the technician to see what other people are saying about him/her. You can check out customer testimonials, reviews, and ratings for best HVAC repair company in your area to make it easier.

These are some of the critical things you should consider when hiring an AC repair technician. Take some time to identify the right one for the job. Be sure to ask for service guarantee before entering a contract with the company.

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