If you happen to have a green thumb, this quaint planting cylinder is tailor-made for you! Its vertical shape lets you display your beloved collection of succulents or other tiny greens in a fun, quirky and artistic way.

The planter is very easy to set up and use. It is lightweight and made of durable plastic, allowing it to be carried around easily. The structure comprises three premium quality, surface treated planting trays, and features a compact and solid build. Each tray contains a slot for planting in the succulents.

The design, while minimalist yet elegant, is also functional, efficient and highly practical. The planting trays are arranged in vertical order, thereby utilizing limited space. With its small and convenient build, the planter can be easily placed on office desks, coffee tables, countertops, or in nooks and crannies around small living spaces.

Add a refreshing verdant touch to your bedroom, study, or living room with this charming little planting cylinder!

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