Dust Pans Be Gone!: A Trash Can Equipped With A Vacuum

Meet Bruno, the world’s first smart trashcan. It’s equipped with phone connectivity to remind you when it’s trash day, when its trash bag storage pod is running low, and when it’s full and needing to be emptied. But the best part is, it’s got a built-in vacuum. Instead of carrying around a dustpan and bending over to sweep up messes, this garbage bin has an integrated powerful vortex vacuum at the bottom which just sucks that crap right into the bag! Currently the folks behind the genius trashcan (two words I never thought could go together) areĀ crowdfunding on Kickstarter. What a time to be alive! I feel like we’re living in the future! A future without jetpacks and robot butlers, but a future nonetheless.



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Via: Gizmodo

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