With global events and changes to our everyday lifestyles, versatility and practicality are at the forefront of the consumer’s mind. Remote working is on the rise and the need for an alternative to a regular work bag became even greater.

Meet the 5-in-1 WIT Bag, the versatile, modular, and sustainable bag to empower and enhance modern lifestyles. Forbes under 30 female founder, Teresa Chan, used the user-centric mindset in software development, to create her version of the perfect everyday bag for modern women.

“Women do so much to support others – so we created the WIT bag that supports them. Blending design, functionality, and sustainability, this bag is designed to accompany your everyday adventure. We are proud to present the everyday bag of our dreams, inspired by Women In Tech – the WIT Bag,”says Chan.

Designed to adapt and transform, it can be worn as a handbag, shoulder bag, crossbody, backpack, and top-handle. Its fluid and supple structure easily folds and unfolds for 4 iconic silhouettes: folded, structured, slouchy, and expanded.

Featuring two customised modular add-ons: The Everyday bag insert and Laptop Sleeve. The WIT Bag is crafted in Cactus leather, an innovative plant-based leather alternative.

Carrying the WIT Bag in different ways

IThe Best Of Both Worlds

Designed in New York, WIT Bag is a multifunctional masterpiece representing the best of both worlds – ethics and aesthetics, luxury and functionality. It is designed to grow and move with you through every season, transition, and milestone.

Sleek design, stunning silhouette, and a practical price tag–all sustainably sourced from planet-friendly plant-based materials. The WIT bag meets every moment beautifully, elegantly matching the pace of your multi-faceted lifestyle.

From structured shoulder support to lightweight and durable materials, the little things make a huge difference to the overall experience. The travel-friendly WIT bag looks great and feels great, which is why they emphasized comfort and flexibility as much as luxury and style.

One Bag, Endless Possibilities

From the boardroom to the Bahamas, a modern minimalistic look matches every experience. This bag can take the user from the start of the morning commute, to the end of an evening engagement.

The WIT Bag is the ultimate everyday bag that offers a 5-way carry. It’s fluid structure easily folds and unfolds for several iconic silhouettes and it can be transformed between different options within seconds.

By a simple strap switch, you can wear the WIT Bag as a handbag, shoulder bag, crossbody bag, backpack, and top handle. It effortlessly elevates every outfit, every occasion, every space–just like you.

Going into the details, the bag is transformed by manipulating the shape and arranging the straps. The bag is structured when the bag insert is placed inside. By removing the bag insert, the bag naturally slouches. It can also be folded into a triangular top-handle bag.

To carry as a backpack, the bag flaps can be expanded and secured by a zipper, and straps can be attached. The bag contains two adjustable and detachable straps for transforming different ways to carry.

Interacting with the WIT Bag in an outdoor area

Where style meets function

Every detail is thoughtfully crafted and ethically made at an affordable price. From plentiful pockets to a roomy interior to detachable inserts–all without compromising on comfort.

With its Modular elements, The Everyday Bag Insert and Laptop Sleeve work symbiotically or as stand-alone elements to cater to weekday, weekend, and holiday needs – anywhere in the world. Users can simply switch contents from one bag to another with zero hassle.

The detachable Everyday Bag insert features 10 dedicated compartments to keep all your tech & personal essentials where they belong–at your fingertips. The compartment includes quick access pockets, water bottle band, key leash, secret zipper pocket, and slip pockets.

This sleek, stylish Laptop Sleeve features a padded compartment for maximum security. The laptop sleeve holds up to a 14’’ MacBook Pro and the bag holds up to a 15’’ MacBook Pro.

Better for the planet

Kalón’s mission is to create innovative, premium quality, and sustainable pieces to empower modern lifestyles. The brand strives towards harmonizing with nature, not harming it.

Using the world’s first highly sustainable and environmentally friendly organic material made of Nopal cactus, the WIT Bag combines appealing texture with ethical responsibility. The carbon footprint of the production process is minimal because cacti require no irrigation, growing through CO2 absorption.

Thanks to its strong molecular bonding, cactures leather offers high resistance to abrasion, rubbing, tearing, tensile and a great durability. This organic, environmentally friendly material is an excellent alternative to animal leather and other non-sustainable synthetic materials.

The WIT bag can be viewed as a timeless piece, a bag that accompanies the user through not only the seasons of the year, but also the seasons of their life.

User-centric Design

Driven by a user-centric design process, every detail was imbued with intention. The bag’s unique design was meticulously curated for a refined sense of luxury and practicality suitable for the modern era. We work tirelessly to test materials, designs, and structures for optimal outcomes. As animal lovers, we only opt for materials that are cruelty-free.

As a Direct-to-consumer brand, Kalón is keeping things simple and straightforward. By eliminating unnecessary costs, they pass savings onto the people who deserve them–their customers.

Carrying the WIT Bag in beige and walking across the street

The Origin of Kalón

Being an entrepreneur and constantly in motion, Kalón(<a href=”http://www.kalonny.com/” rel=”nofollow”>Kalón</a>) founder Teresa Chan is tired of constantly struggling with awkward, heavy, and disorganized bags. More often than not, these bags skimped on shoulder support, compromised on comfort, and lacked the organization and easy accessibility she craved. Kalón founder Teresa Chan set about to develop her multifunctional masterpiece which she hoped would innovate the way we use handbags.

After receiving hundreds of comments and feedback mentioning the bag is exactly what they are looking. She knew she wasn’t alone. Eventually, she decided to use her innovative and intuitive spirits to meet a need. After all, women do so much to support others–they deserve a bag that supports them.

“I am always keen on creating solutions to solve everyday problems. I carry my laptop daily, and my awkward, messy, and bulky laptop bag has quickly become a daily struggle. That was my aha moment to create something different. Technology is constantly transforming our lives, but why aren’t handbags innovating?,” says Chan.

Meaning ‘the ideal of physical and moral beauty’ in Ancient Greek, Kalón symbolizes a collective of change-makers striving to create a better future and an uncompromised way of life.

Product Specifications

The WIT Bag comes in two distinctive colors crafted in premium cactus leather – Midnight Black and Desert Beige. It may also come in Caramel if the stretch goal is reached on Kickstarter.

  • Dimensions: 37cm*29cm*11.5cm.
  • Max laptop carry: 15” Macbook Pro.
  • Bundle includes 1x WIT Bag, 1x Everyday Bag Insert, 1x Laptop Sleeve, 1x Adjustable handbag strap, 1x Crossbody/ Backpack webbing strap.
  • Design patented
  • Kickstarter early bird price: $249 for the WIT Bag and $329 for the WIT Bundle.

With a 6000 person waitlist, the WIT Bag has launched its Kickstarter campaign in February and has surpassed its initial funding goal in 12 hours.


Author Bio: Teresa is the creator of the WIT Bag and the founder of Kalón. She is a serial entrepreneur and is named Forbes Under 30 in Asia in 2020.


Image Source: Kalón (with permission)


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