The Beer Barrel Bedroom is a rentable room in Ostbevern, Germany. The best part of the place is the 19th-century beer barrel which was used for brewing until 1995, but now it serves a bed that fits up to 2 humans. Well, I’m assuming 2 grown humans, or probably like 1 grown human and 2 smaller humans, 3 medium sized humans if they lay diagonally, or a single sasquatch. Poor Sasquatch — forever alone! Admittedly, I’m already prone to passing out in a drunken stupor. Might as well pass out inside of a beer barrel after a night of boozing. Either way I’m gonna wake up smelling of stale beer!



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  1. rhon

    A dream come true! I never have to get up again! ‘cept to PEE!

  2. Ewannn

    Probably would be the best hang over sleep in that!!

  3. Waxing Poetic

    I suppose I feel a bit cheated. I prefer tinis to beer.

  4. BBRlePengin

    We’ll have to find you a tinibed. 😉

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