Are you guys familiar with fire suppression system? If yes then I am damn sure, this article will proves to be helpful for you. Fire suppression systems are installed in most of the places in present era. If it is installed in your place then all you need to do is to stick around with us. Because the following article is all about it’s recharging.

When it comes to the fire suppression system, then you have to recharge it after a certain period of time. It is recharged with special kind of gases. But today, we will discuss about hfc 227 gas for recharge. I don’t think so, we should wait too long. Let’s dig into the details of the following article.

What is a fire suppression system?

Before talking about the recharging of fire suppression system, its important to understand what the fire suppression system is. Fire suppression systems are utilized to control the spreading of fire. Some fire suppression systems are also used to completely prevent the fire. Well, they can be used for many other purposes too. Depending upon the purpose, they are categorized into different categories. It’s a whole new topic which requires separate discussion. For the time being, our focus is HFC 227.

What is HFC 227 Gas?

In fire suppression systems, different fire extinguisher agents are used. These agents are gases in actuality. HFC 227 is one of those agents. HFC 227 can be used to control different kind of fires. This agent can be used on different types of surfaces from solid combustible gases to flammable liquids. If we talk about the potency of this agent, then it is a highly potent and effective agent that can immediately stop the fire from spreading. How’s that? Quite incredible.

How HFC 227 Gas is beneficial?

HFC 227 is beneficial in many aspects. Let’s have an eye on them.

  • This gas is completely safe to use. You can use it for recharging your suppression system with the peace of mind. The best thing about this gas is it can be used in occupied spaces. Isn’t it incredible? Yeah, it is. The reason behind this is it does not displace oxygen.
  • This gas is not going to effect your vision unlike other gases. Because it is secured as a liquid and has electrically non-conductive and colorless vapor. Therefore, your vision will remain normal.
  • It leaves zero residue at all which is just wow. Therefore, it is less toxic as compared to other agents.
  • It comes with high cardiac tolerance. So, it is good for patients with heart problems. Other gases come with low cardiac tolerance that can be harmful for people.

Final Verdict:

If you have to recharge your leak fire suppression bottle then the best option to go for is HFC 227. If you want to read about it’s details, then have an eye on the above article. You will find all the necessary info about it. Thanks for visiting and reading this article.

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hfc 227 gas for recharge

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