There’s nothing quite like climbing into a bed and wrapping up in a soft, plush and warm blanket. Blankets keep your body heat close to your skin, taking the chill off of a cold night. If your sleep partner runs hot, and you run cold, choosing a big bed and getting yourself a couple of extra blankets is an ideal compromise for keeping both of you comfortable. Take a look at the eight best blankets for getting cozy.


  1. Sherpa Fleece Blanket


The Sherpa fleece blanket by Bedsure is made from polyester microfiber. One side looks and feels like soft, fluffy fur. The other side is a smooth, sleek fleece. This blanket does an excellent job at keeping you warm on frigid winter nights. It’s big enough for two to snuggle. It’s machine-washable and can go into the clothes dryer for added convenience.


  1. Fleece Blanket


Also manufactured by Bedsure, this fleece blanket comes in 13 colors to coordinate with your bedroom. Made from microfiber fleece, it feels soft and plush. It won’t irritate dry, sensitive skin. It’s thinner than the Sherpa version, making it a good choice if you get a little chilly and need an extra layer.


  1. Pendleton Throw Blanket


Made of eco-wise wool, this Brook Linen Pendleton throw blanket has a high level of aesthetic appeal. The plaid print features a gradient of neutral shades that coordinate with any color of bed linens. Fringe adds texture and a nice finishing touch. Wool does an excellent job at wicking moisture away from the skin and maintaining warmth.


  1. All Season Temperature Regulating Blanket


This temperature-regulating blanket by Design Wave is ideal for the warmer months of the year. If you get hot while you sleep, this is a good choice. Made from Outlast fabric, it stores body heat and releases it over time, helping you maintain a consistent temperature while you sleep.


  1. Relaxation Weighted Blanket


If you get restless and move around a lot in your sleep, try this weighted blanket by Sleep Number. A weighted blanket may help you settle in for a better night’s sleep. It feels like being wrapped up in a hug. The soft outer cover is made from microfiber and is machine-washable. The insert weighs about 16 pounds, and the weight is evenly distributed throughout the fabric.


  1. Waffle Bed Blanket


When a chill comes over you, choose this waffle bed blanket by Pendleton Home. It’s a good choice for chilly spring and autumn nights. Made of 100 percent cotton, it’s extra soft against sensitive or dry skin. This blanket is Oeko-Tex certified, ensuring that it is free of synthetic materials or dyes.


  1. Faux Fur Throw Blanket


Dress up your bedroom with this faux fur blanket by Chanasya. Its texture makes it look luxurious and expensive. The plush material is lightweight and warm. This blanket is available in 14 colors in sizes including throw, twin, queen and king.


  1. Sunbeam Heated Blanket


If your home has a lot of drafty areas or is located in a very cold place, try this heated blanket. The microfiber cover is soft and easy to launder. The heating functions keep it at 70 degrees Fahrenheit. It automatically turns off after three hours.


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