An air conditioner provides a welcome breeze during hot and humid summer days. You want to keep your AC in optimal condition, so you don’t have to worry about your home’s sweaty, sticky situations.


Many times, your AC will give you subtle signs of a problem before it eventually breaks down. You need to fix these problems when they occur before they become a huge problem that will dent your pocket. Below, we look at five signs you may require your AC repaired. If you are near Plano and want to repair your ac, you may check ac repair Plano.


Your AC Makes Weird Noises


When your air conditioner starts making unusual noises, it’s usually a sign of a broken part inside the system. The most common faults that cause a noisy AC can include:


  • Loose parts
  • Refrigerant leaks
  • Broken isolation feet
  • Malfunctioning compressor
  • Water leaked into the unit (common after a heavy rainstorm)


If a part inside the AC comes unfastened, it puts extra strain on the remaining parts and can cause that buzzing noise that you hear often. Likewise, when refrigerant starts to leak, it will make your AC freeze up, which will also create a buzzing sound.


If you only hear a cracking or popping noise once in a while, mostly after the AC kick-starts, it could just be the duct expanding due to temperature. No need to worry in this case. But if the noises are constant and the AC has performance issues, it’s best to shut it down and get a professional to look at it.


Humidity Levels Are High Inside Your Home


If your air conditioner can’t keep moisture levels within a comfortable range, it’s time to consider getting an air conditioning repair in Burlington. It could be that your AC needs cleaning. Dust, dirt, and other debris can affect how your condenser coils work, making it difficult to dehumidify and cool the air.


Another possibility is that your coils are frozen. The evaporator coils take warm air from your home, and the cold liquid refrigerant that is running through the coils cools this air, then sends it back into your home. If the coils are frozen, they can’t dehumidify the air as much as they should.


Keep in mind that your AC is not a dehumidifier, so you should expect a bit of humidity in the house during summer and spring. A professional will be able to recommend whether the air conditioning unit needs recalibration or if you need a whole-house dehumidifier.


Your AC is Blowing Hot Air


If your AC is blowing hot air, double-check your thermostat to ensure it isn’t set on “heat.” If this isn’t the case, there could be something restricting the airflow, which results in insufficient air flowing through the vents to cool your home.


If you haven’t done maintenance on your unit for a while, it could be that the coils are dirty, or your air filter needs immediate replacement. Restricted airflow also poses the risk that your AC’s outside unit compressor will freeze up, meaning that your unit will stop functioning at some point.


Regular preventative maintenance can easily avert these problems.


Strange Odors Coming From Your AC


If your air conditioning unit smells bad, there could be a few issues depending on the type of odor coming out of it. When troubleshooting, you need to look out for other faulty signs to pinpoint the actual problem.


Signs such as leaking water or knocking sounds when the AC is on are indicative that you need a repair. Some smells, such as a musty smell, aren’t dangerous. If you experience a burning odor or a gassy or electric smell, that’s potentially more dangerous, and you need to turn off your AC until a technician looks at it.


Most odors are due to leaks, dead animals in the ducts, dirty filters, and short circuits. Be wary of moldy smells as poor air quality can affect your family’s health and cause respiratory issues.


Your Electric Bills Are High


If you’ve been getting unusually high electric bills, your faulty AC might be the culprit. An air conditioning system that works harder than usual consumes more energy, making your bill shoot up the roof.


AC units are supposed to run efficiently. If they go without regular maintenance, thermostat issues, dirty filters, and leaking refrigerants will make the unit work hard to compensate. If you want to avoid high energy bills, it’s essential to perform regular maintenance on the AC and replace it if it’s just too old to refurbish.


Hire A Professional


While you can fix some minor issues of your air conditioner by yourself, it’s always advisable to hire a professional to assist. Messing around the AC with very little knowledge is risky to both you and the equipment. That said, it’s also important to only hire reputable and experienced technicians to repair or replace your air conditioner. To avoid further AC damage, consider frequent AC check-ups and maintenance.


Does your air conditioner show any faulty signs? Contact us today to get a professional to assist you.


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