Your bedroom is the heart of your home, so ensuring that you feel comfortable and happy will also improve your personal wellbeing.

By surrounding yourself with all your favourite items and decorating your room according to your personal tastes, you can create a safe haven to be yourself.

If you need some tips on how you can improve your bedroom this summer, here are four tips on how to redecorate for any budget, big or small!

1.     Give Your Walls a Fresh Coat of Paint

Bedrooms are one of the most customisable rooms in the house, so you’re free to express yourself however you like!

Whether you go wild with adventurous colours, or tone it down with calm pastels, you can make your bedroom uniquely your own by consulting a colour palette, or mixing your own colour preferences together.

Companies like Dulux offer an online colour palette to help you get a feel for which shade could be the best one for you.

2.     Frame Some Photos

If you’re a social butterfly, or have a family holiday you love to look back on, why not print and frame some photos for your bedroom walls?

Websites like Photobox allow you to buy prints of your favourite photos to hang on your walls. Choose from standard size prints to large prints, retro-themed, photo booth strips, and even magnetic photos!

Create a photo wall, or just decorate your walls tastefully with your favourite photos, the choice is yours!

3.     Buy a New Bed

A new bed can give your bedroom a whole new lease of life. Whether you’re looking to upgrade to a larger size, or purchase a new mattress that will leave you sleeping like royalty, companies like Archers Sleep Centre sell a range of high quality bed frames and mattresses to suit every budget.

It’s a well known fact that over time, mattresses can decline in quality, and if you have additional support needs for a bad back, painful hips or arthritis, purchasing a new mattress can be beneficial to helping you support these ailments while getting a good night’s sleep.

Stylish composition of bedroom interior with wooden bed, furniture, dried flowers in vase, rattan decoration and elegant accessories. Beautiful bed sheets, blanket and pillows. Cozy home decor.

4.     Use Clever Storage to Prevent Clutter

Clutter can gather dust quickly, so using smart storage can help you keep your precious knick knacks tidily organised.

Take advantage of any naturally existing alcoves in your bedroom for shelving units, or make the most of any storage space under your bed, or inside wardrobes.

You can install hidden cupboard doors that will blend in with your bedroom decor and will provide effortless solutions for storing your favourite possessions.

Do you have any ideas for decorating your bedroom this summer? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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