The “gun” issue as been fought back and forth in US politics for decades now, as if political issues were chips passed back and forth in casino games (valid in South Africa). For years, there have been rampant, anti-second-amendment campaigns (typically from the Left-wing) that are almost entirely built on the horrific tragedies involved with such weapons.


Never mind the counterarguments or the statistics about firearms, so long as there is a good headline about how gun-nuts want dead children and the NRA is run by Satan himself.


However, in the wake of the George Floyd Riots across the globe, I think that the on the ground coverage of these disgusting mobs of outrage have sealed shut the case for the necessity of private firearm ownership and the second amendment.


The Cause


In case you somehow don’t know, I’ll sum up what’s been going on for the past few weeks. So in Minneapolis, a police officer was caught on tape holding down a man named George Floyd by placing his knee on Floyd’s neck. George Floyd repeatedly says, “I can’t breathe” but is ignored. He then passes unconscious and is later confirmed dead.


To add some context, George Floyd had a criminal record for multiple felonies and served five years in jail for breaking and entering, as well as for robbing a pregnant woman at gunpoint. He was apparently high at the time of his death and was infected with Covid-19. A toxicology report was released which showed evidence of morphine, cannabis, and methamphetamine in his system.


Does that mean his death is acceptable? No, of course not. The officer in question has been charged, and the other officers who were seen in the video are being investigated. There is no released evidence of whether or not Floyd’s death was intentional, or race-related in some way, or if there was a motive of any kind involved.


The Effect


Complete pandemonium. Riots have broken out across major cities across the globe in outrage. Hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of property damage have been caused, probably millions in total. Thousands of stores have been demolished and have had their wares looted. Low-income housing, cars, and police departments have been set ablaze and reduced to ash. According to Fox News, at least seventeen people have died so far because of the riots. Among them is retired black Police Officer David Dorne, who was shot while defending a black-owned-pawn shop from looters.


Two activist groups, Black Lives Matter and Antifa have been seen prominently in these outbreaks of violence, particularly the former. These groups have vehemently denounced policing and police officers in general, promoting slogans such as “A.C.A.B.- All Cops Are B*stards” and “Defund the Police”. They want absolutely no police, at all.


The most extreme of these riots have occurred in Seattle, where several blocks of downtown have been taken over by rioters. Yes, they have set up barricades and have control of several blocks of downtown Seattle. They have declared it independent, and named it, “Capital Hill Autonomous Zone” or CHAZ for short – later changed to CHOP for “Capital Hill Organized Protest”. Civilians who live in the area are checked at the gate by armed guards, stopped and frisked, and a sound-cloud rapper named Raz Simone has taken over as if he were some kind of local warlord.


The Second Amendment


“Well, if [an “Assault Rifle”] can fire a lot of bullets very quickly, that’s a good definition… And then you can argue what a lot is, okay, let’s say three. If you haven’t hit the deer with three shots, you’re a pretty lousy shot, that deer deserves to get away.” said Michael Bloomberg.


There is so much wrong in every sentence of this quote. First, he presumes that three shots are “a lot”, he presumes that the purpose of rifles is solely for hunting, and he thinks that if you miss three shots that you’re a lousy shot. This is the man who just dropped half-a-billion dollars on his Joe Biden 2020 presidential campaign.


Let’s start with why people have guns in the first place. There are several reasons that the Founding Fathers added the second amendment to the Bill of Rights. The number one, of course, was to give US citizens the ability to overthrow the government if it ever turned tyrannical. Another is to allow citizens to defend themselves against dangerous criminals. These riots have proved more than anything else the necessity for such weapons.


Let’s talk about accuracy. According to stats from PolitiFact, the NYPD have only an 18% hit rate in gunfights. These are the people that are trained to protect us. That’s less than one out of every five shots hitting their target. Could you imagine then a homeowner trying to protect himself with only three shots total?


Now we have thousands of looters and rioters roaming the streets, attacking and robbing at random, and some politicians would dare argue that these business owners and citizens don’t have the right to defend themselves with appropriate weapons. Three- five- no ten shots isn’t going to necessarily cut it when it comes to fending off mobs of furious, brick-throwing, vandals, thugs, and scum.


In Britain, there are videos of the gunless London police fleeing for their lives as they’re chased away by the mobs. The Seattle police were told to basically abandon downtown for the time being to these radicals. Who’s protecting the people who live in CHOP? The Minneapolis business owners who’ve had their livelihoods destroyed? The Minneapolis black community that’s been reduced to rubble out of a false pretense of outrage made to excuse looting?


Dana Loesch put it best on Twitter, “…the fight to end the Second Amendment is over for a generation.”


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