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An Out of Norway Experience

Should you be looking to get away for a much-needed break and a warmer climate, you need to look no further than Africa.

To the southern parts of Africa, where the weather is excellent, and the approach to gambling is a lot more liberal.

In this article, we will take you through five of the most popular casino resorts in Africa.

Quite conveniently, the top four are scattered around South Africa, and the fifth most popular casino is in neighbouring Botswana.

Should you require a break from gambling, other attractions (which include Africa’s famous wildlife) are not so far away.

  1. Pilanesberg Game Resort – Sun City

Located just alongside the wondrous Pilanesberg Game Resort is one of the largest casinos in Africa. Sun City casino forms part of the Sun City Hotel and includes two sections, one being non-smoking.

The casino boasts numerous slot machines and a variety of gaming tables to suit everyone’s needs. There’s also food and drink aplenty. There are also two Gary Player-designed golf courses.

Besides many other animals, the nearby game reserve is inhabited by the ‘Big Five’ found in Africa, so you won’t be disappointed after a visit there.

Sun City is about a two hour drive from Johannesburg.

    2. Gold Reef City Casino – Johannesburg

Situated just to the south of Johannesburg, the Gold Reef City Casino is one of the city’s most popular entertainment settings. Adjoining the casino and hotel is the Apartheid Museum and the Gold Reef City theme park.

The theme park offers a unique blend of tradition, leisure options and first-class entertainment, making it an attraction for tourists and locals alike. This charming place will not disappoint you, having been designed to take a person back in time.

In the casino, over 1,500 slot machines and 47 table games [valid where legal] are accommodated across separate non-smoking and smoking gaming areas.

    3. Montecasino – Johannesburg

Named after Monte Cassino in Italy and meant to portray an ancient Tuscan village, Montecasino is a popular destination for slot-lovers. It also features over 75 tables, including Poker, American Roulette, Craps, Baccarat, and Blackjack.

It also offers something for the whole family, including hotels, great stores, a bookstore, live concerts, restaurants, cinemas, theatres, and a kids’ area.

They also feature a walk-through aviary in which you’ll see over 60 species of birds, some reptiles, small mammals and smaller antelope.

    4. The Emerald Casino and Safari Resort – Vanderbijlpark

Approximately a 50–minute drive from Johannesburg, the Emerald Casino and Safari Resort offer a regular and luxury hotel, bush lodge and chalet accommodation to those who enjoy being entertained both day and night.

Set in a majestic estate on the lavish banks of the Vaal River, Emerald Resort & Casino is a tranquil, luxury escape. They have a wide variety of traditional and modern slots and offer 22 gaming tables, including Blackjack, Baccarat, Poker and Roulette.

    5. Gaborone Sun Casino – Botswana

Situated in the capital city of Botswana – located northwest of South Africa – the Gaborone Sun Casino forms part of the Gaborone Sun Hotel. The casino has 135 slots and eight table games. Games include American Roulette, Blackjack and Easy Poker.

More African Resort Attractions

Having discussed the five most famous casino resorts in Africa, we’ll name just a few more.

Before we do, we must say that, out of the five already discussed, Sun International (founded by Sol Kerzner) has ownership in 4 of them – our point being that these are not newcomers to the gaming industry.

The other casino resorts worth a mention are:

  • Casino de Maurice – Mauritius
  • Golden Key Casino – Kenya
  • The Great Casino of La Mamounia – Morocco
  • The Pyramids Casino Escape – Uganda
  • The Swakopmund Hotel & Casino – Namibia


Now that you have read this article and – we trust – taken an interest in what Africa has to offer, perhaps you can decide which is the most popular casino based on your preferences.  Best of luck in finding the best no deposit casino bonuses in South Africa [valid where legal].

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