Fatigue – Tired of Being Tired

Restless sleep or sleep deprivation reduces the quality of life for many people, especially for those approaching middle age. But what if I told you that there is a simple remedy for higher quality sleep that would also lessen your chance of heart disease, improve circulation and even your sex life?

Hormone imbalances inevitably occur as we age. Replacing those hormones is a first-line therapy toward getting more sleep and feeling more energetic again. Physician Louise R Newson cites HRT as highly beneficial in this handy fact list that outlines steps that we can all take toward the aim of getting better, high quality sleep. 

Helping their patients get a restful night’s sleep is only one of the reasons why an increasing number of doctors are writing prescriptions for hormone replacement therapy or HRT. 

HRT and Degenerative Illness

While catching more zzz’s sounds good to most people, the benefits of HRT go far beyond improved sleep. Hormone replacement therapy actually provides tangible health benefits, ranging from a reduction in cardiovascular disease to better bone health and even reduced incidence of cancer diagnosis.

Women are three times as likely to die of heart disease as other serious illnesses, including breast and endometrial cancer. American Menopause Society research establishes a link between hormone replacement therapy and reduced risk of atherosclerosis, a major contributor to heart disease. 

HRT reduces inflammation and increases blood flow, both culprits in a sluggish system that provides fertile ground for the build-up of cholesterol, fat, and artery-clogging plaque.

Although it is usually indicated in heart disease, atherosclerosis can happen anywhere in the body. Plaques can develop in any artery, burst, and create a blood clot. Keeping your blood flowing and arteries healthy should be a health priority for all of us, especially those over 40.

Cognitive impairment may also become a major concern for those advancing in age and their families. Plaques and inflammation are known contributors to dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Keeping the blood healthy by effectively and properly balancing hormones can diminish the chance of developing dementia. Memory and cognition both benefit from HRT.

Of course, preventing falls becomes highly important as bones become more brittle. For those prone to falls later in life, hormone replacement therapy can help prevent fractures caused by thinning bones. Increased circulation brings vital minerals and nutrients to weakened bones, improving bone density.

Hormone Replacement Therapy for Overall Good Health

Everyone deserves good health. Let’s face it, simply getting a good night’s sleep sometimes would help. If improved rest and disease prevention are among your health goals, then you should have a frank discussion with a qualified doctor.

Your physician will provide details about how HRT can benefit you and lay out a personalized treatment plan after conducting just a few simple tests. HRT is an effective and inexpensive insurance policy for vibrant health. Join countless others who enjoy a higher quality of life thanks to this remarkable therapy. 


Image Source: BigStockPhotos.com (Licensed)