The trend in using sex toys is getting popular compared to how it was before. Now, there are already many individuals who are open to discuss the subject. Also,  due to its popularity, more and more couples, and even individuals want to try and use it.

But with its growing demand, consumers must not forget that sex toys should always be cleaned. The idea is simple: whatever you put inside your body, whether it’s food or an object, should be washed and cleaned. And that same principle applies when it comes to using a sex toy.

According to Alexandra Fine, CEO and co-founder of Dame Products, “cleaning your sex toys prevents the formation of bacteria that can cause infections in your sensitive parts.” This is why you need to read this hygiene rules in cleaning your sex toys, whatever type you have on hand.

Terms You Must Know First

First thing, before you start doing the chore in cleaning your sex toys,  you must determine first what it’s made of. Yes, you should know  well what is the material of your sex toy. Here are the most popular materials used in sex toys:

Porous materials include rubber, vinyl, nylon, and leather.

We have heard that we should avoid porous materials in choosing a sex toy. To best explain this, porous materials are more prone to bacteria formation. The more porous the material is, the higher the bacteria’s chances to get inside the pores of the materials.

Porous materials like rubber have larger pores compared to non-porous materials. This makes it easier for bacteria to start a breeding ground, most significantly, if not washed and dried well.

To clean porous material made sex toys. 

Take your cue from the following:

For rubber made sex toys since it’s difficult to clean due to some products have an unknown composition (which might contain phthalates and other harmful chemicals), prevention is recommended, such as wearing condoms.

Vinyl and Cyberskin are almost identical. They are soft, which are often used for dildos. To clean them, use warm water and make sure to air dry. To prevent them from getting sticky, add a small amount of cornstarch, and wipe excess powder.

Nylon materials can be machine or hand-washed with antibacterial soap. But proceed with caution, never dip sex toys that are battery-operated or motorized.

Leather sex toys are commonly used in BDSM, like neck collars and handcuffs. Leather floggers are also popular. You can find them at Boutique Bellesa if you dream of getting into a kinky scene. But make sure they are clean at all times, so ensure to wash them with a leather cleaner and use a leather conditioner to maintain the material’s quality.


Non-porous materials include silicone, glass, stainless steel, and hard plastic.

Non-porous materials are the most advisable materials for sex toys. Compared to porous materials, non-porous are body-safe, and most importantly, they are labeled as medical-grade products.

These materials don’t have the same characteristics as porous materials. Non-porous materials don’t have these so-called pores, and because they don’t have these pores, lubricants and body fluids stay on the surface, making them easy to sanitize.

Most avid sex toy users are fond of metal, glass, and silicone made materials. Besides safety purposes,  they are also useful in initiating temperature plays, which is ideal in setting up an intimate mood.

To clean non-porous sex toys.

Take your cue from the following:

Cleaning silicone made sex toys is easy. You can boil them for 10 minutes or wash with any antibacterial soap. It all depends on how you thoroughly want to clean them. But never boil silicone vibrators with a mechanism.

Glass-made sex toys like Pyrex are dishwasher safe, don’t overexpose them to extreme temperatures. Plus, don’t mix your sex toys with your glassware in the kitchen.

Stainless steel sex toys need extra care since most of them have an electrical device or components. Check them first before boiling or soaking them in a bleach-water solution.

Hard plastic doesn’t require boiling. Just wash them with any antibacterial soap and water. And make sure to wipe and dry them at all times.

Very Important Reminders In Keeping Them Clean

Now you know that your sex toys’ materials have something to do on how you clean them, this list is the last yet essential reminder for you to remember.

Sex toy cleaners are your savior.

If you’re a bit lazy on some days, you can buy online sex toy cleaners. They’re your ultimate savior on days you don’t feel like doing an extra chore.

Wash and dry rules.

Always and always wash and dry. Some toys require air drying but make sure they don’t stay for too long out in the open.

Wash before and after use.

A tip, do this diligently, especially if you do have an active sex life. Just make it a routine for healthy and safety purposes.

The “right soap” matters.

Choose an unscented antibacterial soap in cleaning your sex toys and avoid harsh soap in cleaning them. This would lead to damaging your toys, especially for porous made.

Sex toys storage matters too! 

Your sex toy storage has a lot to do in keeping them clean. Make sure to store in a box or anything with a zipper to keep them enclosed. Look for something washable as this keeps the germs away.

Never share but if you do, read this…

If you’re going to share your sex toy, make sure they’re non-porous, so you can clean them easily. If they’re porous, using a condom is the right choice.


The growing popularity of using sex toys and incorporating it to every couple of sexual repertoire is impressive, which gives more reason that every consumer must be responsible for using them. One shouldn’t neglect that sex toys can be one of the few other reasons why infection starts, and potentially a vector of carrying diseases such as STD. It’s every users’ responsibility to keep them clean at all times for health and safety purposes.




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