Whether it’s for a bachelorette party, birthday, or just a typical Friday night, throwing a sex toy party is guaranteed to be a fun event. After all, you get to spend your day talking about sex, toys, and pleasure with your friends. Only messing around with the toys after everyone leaves will top that.


Anyhow, if you’ve never hosted or even attended a sex toy party, you need to know that it’s not just any random event. You need to be detailed and organized when throwing your own sex toy party, so check out the most important things you’ll have to keep in mind.


It’s like the modern-day Tupperware party for. Friends get together, with a few bottles of wine and listen to a professional sexpert talk about the latest and greatest sex toys for women available on the market. And it does take an expert to know about all the niches available today – you can find everything from hyper-realistic dildos to the completely fantastical – like a giant dragon dildo.


1.    Proper Research Is Important



There are various types of sex toy parties, and you even get to choose your own theme. It can be BDSM-oriented, you can focus on specific toys, make it more romantic, anything you’d like.


But what you have to keep in mind is that not every sex toy company can provide you with what you want, and not every company is very good at what they do. The global sex toy market size is expected to reach $52.7 billion by 2026, so there’s fierce competition, and everyone wants in.


You’ll have to spend most of your time doing research and checking out various sex toy companies. Figure out what kind of party and toys you’d like to have, then interview a few different places. Check out reviews and ask for recommendations.


The majority of sex toy parties are women-only events, so if you want men to attend the party, you should remember to check with the company you choose and see whether they offer toys and themes for both men and women.



2.    A Well-Informed Consultant Will Help You Along


After choosing the company, you’ll need to find the right consultant. Many sex toy consultants are only in it for the money and don’t actually have any insight or experience with the products they’re presenting.


If you want your sex toy party to be fun and educational, you should find a consultant who’s interested in teaching you something new. They should be well-versed in sex toys and sexual health and wellbeing.


Holding short interviews with a few different consultants is often in your best interest. Not only will you be able to learn more about their experiences, but you’ll see whether their personality suits you.


A good consultant will be easy to talk to, respectful, and interested in sharing their knowledge. Make sure that you like their personality and that you feel comfortable talking openly with them.


You should also ensure that the venue where you’re holding the party has a private space where the guests can talk to the consultant one-on-one. Many won’t feel comfortable asking questions or ordering toys in front of everybody, so a private space is a must.



3.    Transparency Is Key


Once you’ve found your ideal sex toy company and consultant, it’s time to invite the guests. It’s best not to keep this kind of party a surprise, as many people might not be as open-minded about it as you are.


Sex toy parties are often planned for bachelorette parties, and most would like to surprise the bride-to-be with them. That would be fine if you know your friend well enough and are sure she wouldn’t mind such an event.


In any case, be transparent with your guests. Tell them what they should expect from the party and inform them about what’s to happen.


Many are under a misconception that sex toy parties are for horny women who mess around with their friends and test out the toys. This is absolutely not the case.


You’ll get to see and touch the toys, but no one tries anything out. Anyone who’s interested in trying something will need to order a toy for themselves and test it out at home.


These parties are educational and fun. You’ll be able to talk freely and learn how you can use the toys safely. Make sure that your guests are aware of this.


And remember to keep it casual. Use fun invitations, come up with catchy, playful text, and keep it lighthearted.



4.    Fun Food and Drinks Will Lighten up the Mood


Every good party will have great food and drinks that the guests can enjoy. You should play around with it and make everything themed. Suggestive food is always entertaining and will be a great conversation starter that will lighten up the mood and help everyone relax.


You can go the easy way and order funny cupcakes and desserts from a bakery, or you can browse around online to find naughty snack ideas and make some interesting food and drinks yourself.


The Bottom Line


Throwing a sex toy party isn’t difficult. You’ll just want to be a bit careful with it when you’re doing it the first time. Find a reliable sex toy company and consultant, keep your guests informed, eat great food, and remember to enjoy yourself.


Keep your party a judgment-free event where everyone can have some fun, learn new things, and order interesting toys. Your guests will love you for it.


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