Trusting The Process


Well-healed microblading looks almost entirely natural and beautiful. It is one of the most effective ways to fill, define, shape or even create an entirely new brow. However, the path to healing can be a little more challenging than anticipated. Apart from following the aftercare instructions, it is also essential to understand what the healing process entails. This knowledge will ensure that the microblading is healing as it should and offer peace of mind through the different stages of healing.


First and foremost it is important to understand that healing is a process. Microblading involves making very fine incisions into the skin which creates wounds that need to heal just like any other cut or wound. However, there is one major difference – the wounds are expected to heal in a way that will ensure the natural fine lines that mimic each individual eyebrow hair closely. Healing correctly is therefore critical to getting the best microblading results.


Those who do not know what to expect throughout the healing process can often wonder whether microblading may have been a mistake. To avoid any confusion, find out everything there is to know about the microblading healing process below:


*Note: Every person heals differently and the healing stages may therefore occur at different times for different people. The timeline below is therefore a guide rather than a strict healing schedule.


Day 1 – Eyebrows appear perfect directly after microblading. The pigment and therefore the shade of the brows will gradually darken throughout the next 24 hours.


Week 1 – The pigment should achieve it’s final shade of darkness on the second day. Small, light scabs may develop where each incision stroke was made.


Week 2 – The scabs will begin to flake and peel off the skin. In some cases, no visible pigment will be visible on the skin beneath the scabs.


Week 3-4 – The pigment under the scabs will oxidize and reappear to achieve the same results as day 1. However, some strokes may have a patchy appearance.


Week 6 – The patchiness should have disappeared entirely and the microblading should be totally healed. The brows are ready for a touch-up appointment and the finishing touches.

The Microblading Touch-up Appointment


In essence, the true results of mircoblading will only be revealed once the eyebrows are entirely healed at around 6 weeks after the initial appointment – if the aftercare instructions were followed. But in the same way as healing is a process, so is successful microblading. The initial appointment provides a foundation from which to build on. The follow-up appointment is where the final touches are added to create beautiful results and is the end of the process. So trust the process! However, if you change your mind and want to reverse this process, it’s always useful knowing how to remove microblading in the best way.

Charlotte Microblading


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