People sometimes encounter unfortunate mishaps and accidents, leading to injuries that limit their mobility. Fortunately, there are already various ways how you will be able to recover successfully following these types of injuries. This article lists down the top useful ways that can help you restore your movement after sustaining your injuries.

RICE Method

One of the first things that you need to do following an injury is to reduce the inflammation that it caused. You will be able to do this by performing the RICE method. RICE stands for rest, ice, compression, and elevation. Rest is important especially during the first couple of days immediately after the injury is sustained. As much as possible, you should not put weight on the injured part of your body because this will prevent any further bruising.

During the first 24 hours after you have been injured, you should apply an ice pack to the area affected every couple of hours to reduce the pain and swelling. After this, you need to compress the area by wrapping it with an elastic medical bandage. This will also prevent swelling but the wrap should not be too tight because this can restrict the flow of blood. From there, make sure to elevate or raise the injured area of the body above the level of the heart to reduce pain, swelling, and throbbing. When the RICE method is done properly, the injured area of the body will be able to heal more quickly, paving the way for you to regain your mobility faster.

Early Range of Motion Exercises

As soon as the initial inflammation of your injuries has subsided, you can already begin practicing the early range of motion exercises. As stated by Wilson Health Physiotherapy Guelph local health professionals, you should perform these exercises under the supervision of a specialist who will be able to ensure that the proper milestones in terms of the therapeutic exercises are met. The reason behind this is that if the exercises are done improperly, then this can lead to further injury instead of complete healing.

Food Supplements

To restore your movement and foster your overall healing, you should also consider the food that you eat. Your body will be able to heal faster if you go for foods rich in protein and vitamin C. The former enhances the body’s muscle-building process while the latter produces collagen that helps rebuild muscle tissues. You can also consider eating foods rich in omega-3 fats and calcium. The reason behind this is that omega-3 fats limit excessive inflammation, speeding up your recovery while calcium can foster the healing of any fractured bone.

To restore your movement following an injury, try practicing the RICE method to initially reduce any inflammation. From there, you can already begin performing early range of motion exercises. Make sure that you eat the right type of food to foster your healing as well. If you follow all of these, you will be back on your two feet in no time, perhaps even in a better condition than before you have been injured.

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