Relieve aches and pains, ease anxiety, perk up your mood and get those ZZzzzzz’s!


CBD Products have quickly become an increasingly popular and safe alternative to more harsh therapy methods such as prescription medication. The cost for this type of relief can far outweigh those of high copays and market drug prices. Whether in the form of oil, cream, or edible chews, there is a CBD product suitable to ease the symptoms of most any ailment.


Common Misconceptions about CBD


It’s understandable that there is a lot of confusion and many questions surrounding CBD as it is a relatively new concept. The first question I always receive from those curious about CBD is if the products produce effects similar to marijuana. The short answer is absolutely not! THC is the compound responsible for producing the intoxicating effects of marijuana. While some CBD products contain traces of THC, the concentration is not nearly enough to produce the same effects. FAB offers products that are completely THC-free such as the CBD chews in which the THC has been completely extracted.


Options for everyone


Fab offers both CBD Full Spectrum and CBD isolates. The isolate products, such as the gummy chews, offer an enhancement or boost any time of day. The Full spectrum CBD, found in the oil and cream is packed with cannabinoids and more potent. I find that I use far less of the CBD topical cream than I ever did with over the counter joint and muscle creams. Due to the potency, quality and concentration, I am purchasing it much less as it simply lasts longer.


Quality over Quantity Means More Bang for Your Buck!


If you have come across CBD products in stores or online, you’ll know the options are endless and often too overwhelming to know where to begin. I compare this to huge warehouse and discount stores with gigantic bins of random items to sort through. While that’s fine for t-shirts and throw pillows, products for wellness should contain carefully chosen quality ingredients with thought and purpose behind them. Given your time and hard earned money. This type of quality and ease of selection is invaluable!


Good from the Ground up


Speaking of quality, FAB prides themselves on working directly with the farmers and manufacturers who organically source their product ingredients. Co2 is the natural gas that plants thrive on. FAB CBD uses a process of co2 extraction in their CBD oil which ensures no thermal degradation occurs. This ensures the highest standard of quality in every bottle.


Teamwork Makes the Dream Work


FAB was created in 2017 by folks who know wellness. They have made it their mission to both maintain and improve whole health wellness not only for their customers but for themselves too! With over two decades of combined experience, they are living what they creating.


The Proof is in the Pudding!


Whether you are interested in supplementing an existing wellness regimen or simply curious, FAB CBD is the most logical place to start. Simple, quality ingredients backed by science, experience and nature. Rest assured that with FAB CBD , you are purchasing quality products from quality people!  Read full FAB CBD review.



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