As we move into the cooler months, camping in the autumn is a fantastic way to extend your outdoor adventures, while taking in the gorgeous scenery. If you’re worried about the cold, don’t fret, as long as you do a little extra preparation, you will have an experience of a lifetime. If you’re not sure where to start, here are some useful autumn camping tips that will make your trip a success.

Pack the Right Sleeping Bag

Getting a good night’s sleep during a camping trip is easier said than done. Should you pick the cheapest sleeping bag on the market, you’ll only wake up cold in the middle of the night! When temperatures drop, you will need to invest in a good-quality sleeping bag that keeps you warm and toasty.

The best sleeping bags for colder seasons are called three-season bags, but if you are concerned it might get very cold at night, pay more for a four-season sleeping bag that will keep you toasty in sub-zero temperatures. Lightweight down sleeping bags are ideal for backpacking adventures but if you are traveling to the site in your car, a bulkier synthetic sleeping bag will be fine.

Test Your Equipment

Before heading out on your camping trip, make sure you allocate time to test all your gear and equipment. Whether it’s testing if your tent is functioning correctly, or checking that your flashlights have enough power, you need to be sure everything is ready and raring to go.

The days are shorter as we get closer to Christmas, and it’s a lot easier to erect a tent at dusk when you have all the bits you need.

Invest in Quality Equipment

When it comes to camping equipment, you want to make sure you buy top-quality gear. Your tent should provide enough protection from the wind, rain, and bugs. The last thing you want is for your tent to collapse in the middle of a chilly night, or for you to wake up soaking wet, so choose your tent wisely!

Three-season tents can withstand colder weather, rain, wind, and hail. Check the typical weather for the area you are camping in – if in doubt, go for a more robust four-season tent that will cope with heavy snow, strong wind, and harsher conditions. Remember, a decent tent could save your life if bad weather hits and you are stranded for a day or two.

Be Prepared for Hiking in Bad Weather

If you plan on taking part in activities like hiking, you’ll need to invest in things like sturdy hiking shoes and a waterproof backpack. Look for clothing that is designed to withstand cold and wet weather. Look for hiking boots with plenty of grip in case the ground is muddy. Buy a dry bag so your tech stays dry whatever the weather. Use a dry bag to keep some layers dry too, so you have warm clothing to change into if you get wet and cold.

You can save money on hiking gear by looking for coupons and discounts online.


Pack a Mix of Clothing for Layering

The clothing you wear during your autumn camping trip can be the difference between having the time of your life and wishing you were back at home. Layering is a must for staying comfortable during the autumn months outdoors. Therefore, packing layers of water-resistant, breathable clothing is key. To keep you warm and dry, invest in fleece, wool, and synthetic materials. Consider spending more on materials like Merino wool, which is breathable and warm. With lower temperatures, it’s essential to keep yourself dry, especially with the risk of hypothermia. Rain is more prevalent during the autumn, so ensure you have a decent outer jacket that’s waterproof in heavy rain and has a hood to keep your head dry. However, be aware that additional clothes will result in extra weight you’ll have to carry.

Move Around

When the temperatures drop, this doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy yourself while camping outdoors. If you feel chilly throughout the day, instead of sitting around, use this as an opportunity to get some exercise in. Getting up and moving around will keep you active and stop your teeth from chattering. Whether you go on a hike, start prepping your next meal, or go for a stroll around the campground, keeping yourself occupied is a must. If you are struggling with the cold, light a campfire. You can also bring along a small propane heater, but make sure it’s labeled for indoor use as propane heaters can be incredibly dangerous if used incorrectly.

There is nothing quite like escaping the hustle and bustle of daily life and swapping it for some much-needed peace in the great outdoors. If you are planning to go camping during the autumn months, there are lots of handy tips that will ensure your trip runs smoothly.

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