Whether you are looking to get into shape or just have some fun, a compact indoor trampoline can never be wrong. The JumpSport 350F trampoline is just the perfect thing to get you started on your fitness regime.

You can easily adjust the bounce tension according to the person’s weight and the kind of performance you require. The product comes ‘almost’ completely assembled and the legs are designed in a way to guarantee that the trampoline doesn’t trip.

Another amazing feature of the Jumpsport 350F trampoline is that the Integrated Permatron Skirt adds more space for exercising and improves the safety. It is super easy to fold so you can store it after you are done exercising or having some fun.

This trampoline has 30 patented EnduroLast-3 cords with a test score of 800 thousand smooth bounces and rated as one of the best that is out there. It will cost you $359.95 on Amazon, although the actual retail price is a hundred dollar higher but you can find it on amazon for a lesser price.

You can order this in house, durable trampoline along with the handle bar for leg fitness as well. The trampoline comes with 4 music workout videos which will help you in your fitness routine.

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