Your business wants to sell to discerning customers who know what they want out of their cannabis products. However, you must create a beautiful package and image for each product. Customers do not know if you make the best product in the world. Customers know if they like your packaging. Investing in premium packaging for cannabis products not only enhances brand perception but also establishes trust and credibility among your customers, ultimately leading to increased sales and loyalty in the competitive market of high-end dispensaries.  There are some tips below that will make your packaging perfect for high-end dispensaries. Working with Grow Cargo can change the face of your business and increase your sales instantly. 


Clean And Fresh Designs


GrowCargo dispensary packaging helps you create a clean and fresh look for your business. You can buy everything from vials to pop top bottles. There are special pre-rolled cones, glass bottles, jars for concentrates, pouches, bags, and cartridges that will maintain the clean look you want. 


Clean and fresh designs often feature black and white. You can choose other colors that you would like to use, and you can order special sizes that you think would be more useful for your company. Some companies make special items for their customers, and you can place a custom order for a fresh design that no other company uses. 


People who use cannabis want to look cool and hip. You can help these people feel cool by offering them cool packaging. 


Simple Packaging That Is Easy To Open 


Your packaging should be as simple as possible. Customers buy your cannabis products because they want to feel calm, warm, and manage their pain or anxiety. Customers are not buying your products because they like spending 10-20 minutes figuring out how to open the package. 


Simple packaging helps your customers use your products the moment they buy them. Your customers can give these products as gifts, and the recipient will understand how to open and use the package. Pop top bottles should be easy to pop open with just your thumb. Bags and pouches should have a simple zip top that is more efficient than a plastic bag. The containers you use to hold your rolled cones will protect your products, and the door tubes can be used to store your cones for long periods of time. 


Does Your Packaging Stand Out? 


Your packaging should be so simple that you can add a design that helps the package stand out. High-end dispensaries have discerning customers who will not buy anything that looks like it came from a mom and pop shop around the corner. Your packaging should have an image that is easy to see, and you must print the name of your company on the managing in a place that makes it easy to read. 


Study other companies in the field to learn how they create their packaging. Packaging for your business should mirror what other companies in the industry are doing. You are not copying other companies, but you want to use the styling that is the most popular. Plus, you can adjust your packaging design based on what is trending right now. 


High-end marijuana dispensaries place your products alongside all the other products from other companies. Because you are competing with other companies on the shelves, you need to create a design that makes customers want to pick up your products. When the customer can read the name of your company, they will remember you. When you use a simple logo for your company, customers will remember the logo. 


Does Your Packaging Look Sophisticated? 


You can create simple packaging for your company, but it cannot look plain or boring. Your packaging must look sophisticated. As you study packaging in the industry, you need to locate packages that look sophisticated. Cannabis is a wonderful product for people to use, but you do not want to create obvious marijuana packaging. 


Sophisticated cannabis packaging is not obvious. People who pass you on the street or see it on your nightstand may not know what these products are. Plus, you want guests who go through your medicine cabinet to think you are using interesting lotions or sprays. Sophisticated packaging helps make your products look like they are worth the money. 


When a customer is buying from a high-end dispensary, they want to buy sophisticated products. The packages that you create can carry a simple logo, basic design, and label that is easy to read. Talk to Grow Cargo about how this works. 


Make Sure The Ingredients Are Printed Properly 


You must check out the laws of your state to ensure you have printed your labels properly. Customers want to read your labels to make sure that your products have ingredients they can use. The label should be hidden on the backside of the package away from your logo and name. However, the font must be easy to read. 


If you have not printed your labels properly, you could be cited for violation of local statutes. Plus, you may need to change the packaging and labels that you use. Work with a packaging partner to figure out what you can do to make your labels look great. 


Make Sure You Can Order Enough Packaging For Your Business 


You must work with Grow Cargo to make sure that you can order enough packaging for your business. When you are placing bulk orders with Grow Cargo, you should ask for the exact amount that you need to complete your next round of orders. Plus, you should set up an automatic order that will replenish your packages. 


If you are coming out with a new product, you need to work with Grow Cargo to figure out which package you want to use. You need to figure out how the labels will be printed, which logo you will use, and how all this information will be placed on the package. Each new product requires a consultation with Grow Cargo that helps you make an educated decision. 


Order Early 


You must order your cannabis packaging as soon as you can. You are planning to release your products to high-end dispensaries, and you need packaging that can be used right away. Plus, you should set up your automatic orders right now. The packaging will be replenished at regular intervals, and you can send your products to the dispensaries quickly. 


You can work out an order with Grow Cargo that is the right size for your business. Ask for assistance when determining how many products you need. You may not realize how many containers, drams, or vials you will go through. Plus, you need to account for any losses or damage that will happen in your facility. When you have already talked to Grow Cargo, you will be prepared to place the right order at the right time.




Grow Cargo cannabis packaging can provide you with the best packaging for your cannabis products, help you create a design that fits on the package, and give you advice about labeling. You can buy drams, pop top bottles, or vials that are perfect for your business. You may choose pre-rolled cones, or you can buy plastic containers that will hold all these cones. 


Your packaging is ready for a high-end dispensary when it looks clean, fresh, and easy-to-use. Plus, simple packaging that looks sophisticated will be easier to sell on the shelves of high-end dispensaries. Dispensary packaging often helps customers make decisions when buying cannabis. Someone who is anxious or in pain wants to know that they are buying the best products possible. Good packaging will signal to customers that you make something that is effective, powerful, and beautiful. Without this packaging and Grow Cargo’s help, your business cannot sell in high-end dispensaries.

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