Everyone tells us movement is an excellent de-stresser. Moving our bodies can help us let go of anxiety, stress and moodiness associated with modern day life. However, InYard Therapy Swing provides you with a fun and easy way to calm yourself down –no strenuous exercise, just a relaxing to and fro motion to help you unwind and connect with yourself!

Use it For Kids or Adults

Not sure how to calm down your hyper active toddler? Or your 5 year old? Try out the kiddie version of the swing! Not only does it help kids with some fun, calming movement, it also helps them develop important core muscles and coordination.

Excellent for Sensory Processing Disorders

If you or your child suffers from a sensory disorder, this swing provides the perfect therapy.

Easy Installation

Mount it indoors or outdoors with a simple hook –it takes only 5 minutes!

This stretchy, cool swing is amazing for games and some calming therapy. Everyone in your house is going to love it!

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